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Dec 1 2018 | Stanford Magazine Fellow, Research, Stanford
Read a list of his pursuits, and you might think that Derrick Boone Jr. is a dabbler. Officially, he’s a sixth-year PhD candidate in applied physics. But he also writes science fiction, lifts weights, delves into linguistics, makes podcasts, throws dinner parties and studies Japanese. Lately, he’s...
Nov 30 2018 | Stanford Magazine Stanford, Students
A lively group of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers is on a mission to show the public why science is cool, one podcast episode at a time. Their weekly audio show, Goggles Optional, offers a professional yet humorous take on the latest happenings in science.
Nov 7 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
When Michal Vadai’s experiment worked for the first time, she jumped out of her seat.
Oct 17 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
A Stanford-developed virtual reality experience, called “Becoming Homeless,” is helping expand research on how this new immersive technology affects people’s level of empathy.
Oct 12 2018 | Engadget Fellow, Stanford
In a former shipyard in New York City, the contemporary dancer and choreographer Catie Cuan twists and sways her limbs. Her dance partner is 9 feet tall and weighs nearly two-tons: an ABB IRB 6700 robot typically used for the "three Ds" of industrial labor -- tasks that are dull, dirty and...
Sep 20 2018 | Stanford News Stanford, Students
Stanford will celebrate the arrival of the first cohort of Knight-Hennessy Scholars on Saturday with Day One, an orientation program designed to introduce the students to each other and to the unique experiences that await them through its global leadership program.
Aug 28 2018 | Stanford Engineering Fellow, Research, Stanford
Stanford University researchers have developed a mathematical model that could help public health officials and policymakers curb an opioid epidemic that took the lives of an estimated 49,000 Americans last year.
Aug 24 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Stanford, Students
During a recent online discussion about Signs Preceding the End of the World, incoming Stanford students posed questions, discussed themes and shared favorite passages from the novel, which they read over the summer under the Three Books program. Alexis Marie Pearce, who moderated the online...
Aug 23 2018 | Vox Fellow, Research, Stanford
The opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug overdose crisis in US history — on track to kill more people over the next decade than currently live in entire American cities like Miami or Baltimore.
Jul 13 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Stanford, Students, VPGE
Marlette Jackson, who recently earned a doctorate in political science at Stanford, said she is grateful for the constellation of mentors – faculty, students and staff – who encouraged the first-generation college student to reach for the stars.