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Affiliated Faculty

EDGE-SBEH Affiliated Faculty

  • Anthony Lising Antonio, Graduate School of Education
  • Lisa Blaydes, Political Science
  • Jennifer Brody, Theater & Performance Studies
  • Robert Crews, History
  • Carol S. Dweck, Psychology and, by courtesy, Graduate School of Education
  • Paulla Ebron, Anthropology 
  • Tomás Jiménez, Sociology
  • Helen Longino, Philosophy
  • Brian Lowery, Graduate School of Business
  • Paula Moya, English and, by courtesy, Iberian and Latin American Cultures
  • Kathryn Starkey, German
  • Guadalupe M. Valdés, Graduate School of Education

EDGE-STEM Affiliated Faculty

  • Patricia R. Burchat, Physics
  • Page Chamberlain, Earth System Science
  • Sarah Church, Physics
  • Bianxiao Cui, Chemistry
  • John Dabiri, Mechanical Engineering
  • Scott Fendorf, Earth System Science
  • Margot Gerritsen, Energy Resources Engineering and, by courtesy, Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Sarah Heilshorn, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Tom Jaramillo, Chemical Engineering
  • James Leckie, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Todd J. Martinez, Chemistry and Photon Science
  • Oyekunle A. Olukotun, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Norbert Pelc, Bioengineering and, by courtesy, Electrical Engineering
  • Juan Rivas-Davila, Electrical Engineering
  • Sheri Sheppard, Mechanical Engineering
  • Yuri Suzuki, Applied Physics
  • Ravi Vakil, Mathematics