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Career Planning

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We support Stanford graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in pursuing their career of choice, both within and beyond academia. 

Stanford offers graduate students and postdoctoral scholars many opportunities to gain professional experiences and explore varied career paths. The skills and experiences you acquire during your graduate or postdoctoral training are transferrable to rewarding careers in academia and in the private, public, or non-profit sectors. Stanford faculty and staff are here to help you!

General Career Resources

Here are general career development actions you can take, no matter what your degree program or career aspirations:

Academic Career Resources

Love working at a university? These resources complement the general resources above to help you prepare for faculty and administrative positions at colleges and universities.

Faculty Careers

Typically, preparing for a faculty career includes these overlapping phases:

  1. understanding yourself and the higher education landscape
  2. building faculty skills 
  3. conducting a successful job search

It's never too early — or too late — to begin!

The faculty hiring process differs by discipline, so we encourage you to access the knowledge and experience of the faculty, staff, advanced students, and alumni in your degree program.

Central resources and learning opportunities available to all students interested in faculty positions include:

Academic Administration Careers

Working at a college or university allows you to continue to engage in education and research, work with students and faculty, and apply the skills and knowledge you acquired in grad school.

Resources to help you learn more about and prepare for these types of higher education positions include: 

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