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Designing the Professional

Once you get your degree, how do you get a life? What do you want out of life after Stanford? Wondering how to weave together what fits, is doable, and will be truly meaningful?

Join Designing the Professional, a program offered in several formats.

Learning Objectives

By participating fully, you will:

  • Use design thinking and self-reflection to plot a pathway toward professional and personal success.
  • Evaluate different career domains or "prototypes" and investigate alternatives.
  • Gain insight into your beliefs about passion, interest, and opportunity, as well as your strengths and goals.
  • Draft three plans for the balance of your graduate work and the first season of your professional life following Stanford.
  • Develop a community of peers from many disciplines and backgrounds by sharing your experiences and perspectives.

Program Description

In our highly interactive, two-session workshops and courses (week-long or quarter-long), you will apply the innovation principles of design thinking to the "wicked problem" of designing your life and vocation in and beyond Stanford. This offers you the opportunity to approach these lifelong questions with a structured framework and work out your ideas in conversation with your graduate peers.

More Information?

Designing the Professional is offered as a:

Registration Process:

Designing the Professional (ENGR 311B). Register via Axess when winter enrollment opens. Enroll in 0 or 1 units with instructor permission.

Time Commitment

> 8 hours

Grad Grow Competencies

 Leadership & Management
 Career Development

Events in this Program

No events at this time. Please check back later.