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Student & Postdoc Vision Team

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The VPGE Student & Postdoc Vision Team provides ideas and guidance to the Vice Provost and to the VPGE and OPA teams to help envision and build the future of graduate education and postdoctoral training at Stanford. The committee was formed in Winter Quarter, 2020-21.

Committee Member Name   Committee Member Title

J.G. Amato


PhD Student
History, School of Humanities & Sciences

Anna Broome


PhD Student
Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering

Samuel Clarke


PhD Student
Computer Science, School of Engineering

Janka Deli


JSD Student
Stanford School of Law

Tania Flores


PhD Student
Iberian and Latin American Cultures, School of Humanities & Sciences

Nava Haghighi


PhD Student
Computer Science, School of Engineering

Christina Kim


PhD Student
Music, School of Humanities & Sciences

Fikunwa Kolawole


PhD Student
Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering

Kaylee Matheny


PhD Student
Graduate School of Education

Brenda Yu


PhD Student
Biophysics School of Medicine

Alaa Youssef


Postdoctoral Scholar
Radiology, School of Medicine

Samuel Thompson


Postdoctoral Scholar
Bioengineering, School of Engineering

Tyrik LaCruise


PhD & JD student
Modern Thought & Literature, School of Humanities & Sciences
Law School

Mei Tan


Master's student
Graduate School of Education

William Scott


PhD student
E-IPER, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability