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All 2020 VPGE Fellows

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We are pleased to announce the 2020 recipients of fellowships and awards administered by the VPGE office.

Supported by endowment and general funds, the following fellowships are designed to attract the most talented students to Stanford's doctoral programs, and to honor and support our most outstanding current doctoral students. Each program has a distinct focus, and while the selection processes vary, all are highly competitive and involve several levels of faculty review.

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ARCS: Achievement Rewards for College Scientists

The ARCS Scholar Award recognizes outstanding students who have a record of past achievement and who show exceptional promise of making a significant contribution to the scientific and technological strength of the nation. Each year, the Northern California Chapter of the ARCS Foundation allocates an award to Stanford, which VPGE then uses to support as many PhD students as possible through a combination of ARCS and University funds. ARCS scholars can select a two- or three-quarter award configuration, depending upon their academic and tuition needs.

Read more about ARCS

Read more about the Northern California Chapter of the ARCS Foundation

  • Margaret Coad, Mechanical Engineering
  • William DeRocco, Physics
  • Alex Gabourie, Electrical Engineering
  • Richard Grewelle, Biology
  • Mickey MacKie, Geophysics
  • Neeraja Ravi, Bioengineering
  • Ilan Rosen, Applied Physics
  • Jack Ruth, Chemical Engineering
  • Gabrielle Vukasin, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kevin Yang, Mathematics

CCSRE: Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity Graduate Fellowships

The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity Graduate Fellowship (CCSRE) awards three-year fellowships to new doctoral students interested in the study of the meanings, processes, and consequences of race, ethnicity, and culture. 

Read more about CCSRE

  • Ayodele Foster-McCray, Anthropology
  • Leslie Luqueno, Education
  • Alexandros Orphanides, Education

DARE: Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence

The DARE Doctoral Fellowship program awards two-year fellowships to advanced doctoral students who want to investigate and prepare for academic careers and whose presence will help diversify the professoriate. The DARE program aims to better prepare Stanford doctoral students from diverse backgrounds for successful faculty careers, and to contribute to the richness of Stanford’s educational environment.

Read more about DARE

  • Lauren Abrahams, Geophysics
  • AJ Alvero, Education
  • Luis Armona, Economics
  • Tyler Bonnen, Psychology
  • Chris Cameron, Mechanical Engineering
  • Rosa Chavez, Education
  • Wendy De La Rosa, Business
  • Brooke Durham, History
  • Eric Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Esiteli Hafoka, Religious Studies
  • Claire-Alice Hébert, Applied Physics
  • Tao Large, Chemistry
  • Dannielle McCarthy, Chemistry
  • Koji Lau-Ozawa, Anthropology
  • Josselyn Pena, Immunology
  • Chris Perez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Priscilla San Juan, Biology
  • Olivier Simon, Physics
  • Adam Simpson, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Lyne Tchapmi Petse, Electrical Engineering
  • Sandra Welch, Education
  • Maha Yusuf, Chemical Engineering

EDGE: Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education Fellowship

Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) fellows are incoming doctoral students with outstanding scholarly promise who have the potential to contribute to the diversity of their academic fields and departments. EDGE serves students in the Graduate Schools of Business and Education, and the Schools of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Engineering, and Humanities & Science.

Read more about EDGE


  • Kabir Abiose, Mechanical Engineering
  • Biruk Abreha, Bioengineering
  • Martin Acosta Parra, Chemistry
  • Carlos Aldrete, Chemical Engineering
  • Ayya Alieva, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Jillian Anderson, Mechanical Engineering
  • Anela Arifi, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Joao Paulo Azaro Berenguer, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Jihyun Baek, Mechanical Engineering
  • Zoe Barbeau, Mechanical Engineering
  • Max Beeman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Arielle Berman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alexander Bourzutschky, Physics
  • Sam Bunke, Chemical Engineering
  • Sofia Catalina, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Nick Cecchi, Bioengineering
  • Gloria Chyr, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Savannah Cofer, Mechanical Engineering
  • Vincent Cornelius, Bioengineering
  • Julia Costacurta, Electrical Engineering
  • Jasmine Cox, Electrical Engineering
  • Gabriel Crane, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ana De La Fuente Duran, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Luis Delfin Manriquez, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Madison Driskill, Chemical Engineering
  • Andrew Garcia, Earth Systems Science
  • Olivia Ghosh, Physics
  • Paige Given, Geophysics
  • Anna Gomes, Earth Systems Science
  • João Pedro Araújo, Computer Science
  • Thomas Habte, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Nava Haghighi, Computer Science
  • Hans Hanley, Computer Science
  • Michael Hong, Mechanical Engineering
  • Justin Huxel, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Myra Kurosu Jalil, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kaiying Jiang, Mechanical Engineering
  • Amalya Johnson, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Phil Yong Bin Kim, Chemical Engineering
  • John Klich, Bioengineering
  • Natalie Kolber, Bioengineering
  • Katheryn Kornegay, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ava Lakmazaheri, Mechanical Engineering
  • Eder Lomeli, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Daniela Marin, Chemical Engineering
  • Jose Marquez, Geological Sciences
  • Sonia Martin, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alessandra Napoli, Mechanical Engineering
  • Eric Nguyen, Bioengineering
  • Babatunde Ogunlade, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Chris Perez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Emmit Pert, Chemistry
  • Carla Pinzon, Electrical Engineering
  • Leah Reeder, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Rosamiel Ries, Geophysics
  • Nicolas Robalin, Chemistry
  • David Rogers, Earth Systems Science
  • Natalia Rubio, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kimberly Ruth, Computer Science
  • Maya Sankar, Mathematics
  • Ashley Saunders, Chemistry
  • Yvette Schutt, Physics
  • Mahlet Shiferaw, Physics
  • Emma Simmerman, Applied Physics
  • Sarah St. Pierre, Mechanical Engineering
  • Javan Tahir, Applied Physics
  • Crystal Tsui, Bioengineering
  • Jocelyn Valenzuela, Chemical Engineering
  • Jonathan Weiss, Bioengineering
  • Crystal Winston, Mechanical Engineering


  • Alexandra Adams, Art
  • Daliah Al-Shakhshir, Business
  • Alan Burnett Valverde, English
  • Alvaro Calderon Gonzales, Economics
  • Michael Cerda-Jara, Sociology
  • Paulina Choh, German Studies
  • Julian Davis, Philosophy
  • Micheal Duchesne, Classics
  • Lavar Edmonds, Education
  • Carmen Ervin, Anthropology
  • Kristopher Evans, Psychology
  • David Ignacio Fager, Statistics
  • Ayodele Foster-McCray, Anthropology
  • Paula Gaither, Classics
  • Harold Xavier Gonzalez, Statistics
  • Rubén González, Education
  • Jesus Hermosillo, Linguistics
  • Alexia Hernandez, Linguistics
  • Kristen Jackson, Education
  • Tyrik LaCruise, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Yonglin Liang, Business
  • Antonio Lopez, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Leslie Luqueno, Education
  • Ayanda Mahlaba, History
  • Luca Messarra, English
  • Douglas Miller, Psychology
  • Westley Montgomery, Theater and Performance Studies
  • Caylin Moore, Sociology
  • David Morales, Education
  • Taiwo Mustafa, Political Science
  • Alexandros Orphanides, Education
  • Jesuseyi Osundeko, English
  • Spencer Pantoja, Economics
  • William Parish, History
  • Vesta Pitts, English
  • Samuel Powell, Classics
  • Jesse Ramirez, Education
  • Atlanta Rydzik, Sociology
  • Rachel Salia, Education
  • Kendra Sobomehin, Education
  • Juliet Tempest, Anthropology
  • Anthony Velasquez, Linguistics
  • Darion Wallace, Education
  • Tatiana Zamora, Education
  • Julie Zhang, Statistics

Ethnic and Community Center Academic Achievement Awards

These awards honor graduate students affiliated with the ethnic and community centers who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and serve as role models to undergraduate and graduate students. Each center determines its own selection process and criteria.

Read more ABOUT the Academic Achievement Awards

  • VPGE Graduate Scholar Award for The Markaz: Resource Center: Michael Mohsen, Chemistry
  • VPGE Academic Achievement Award for El Centro Chicano y Latino: Amanda Mireles, Sociology
  • VPGE Academic Achievement Award for El Centro Chicano y Latino: Sean Peters, Electrical Engineering
  • VPGE Black Community Services Center Graduate Student of the Year Award: Kemi Oyewole, Education
  • VPGE Academic Achievement Award for the Stanford Queer Student Resources Center: G Yi , Communication
  • VPGE Research Award for the Asian American Activities Center: David Song, Education
  • VPGE Academic Achievement Award for the Native American Cultural Center: Niyo Chichilcualli Moraza-Keeswood, Education
  • VPGE Graduate Feminist Scholar Award: Luz Minerva Jiménez Ruvalcaba, Modern Thought and Literature

Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship

The Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowships were established in 1993 to honor Stanford Professor and Provost Gerald Lieberman for his many years of distinguished service to the University. Designed to support the next generation of academic leaders across a broad array of disciplines, the Lieberman Fellowships are awarded to advanced doctoral students nominated by each school’s Dean. The honorees intend to pursue careers in academia and have demonstrated potential for leadership roles through their research accomplishments, teaching and university service.

Read more about the Lieberman Fellowship

  • Charles Blakemore, Physics
  • Melissa Boswell, Bioengineering
  • Andrea Capra, French and Italian
  • Sabrina Ergun, Biochemistry
  • Joshua Gagne, Sociology
  • Hannah Kim, Philosophy
  • Cindy Orozco Bohorquez, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Em Reit, Business
  • Joel Schneider, Chemical Engineering
  • Yasaman Shirian, Mechanical Engineering
  • Shannon Switzer Swanson, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Karoline Trepper, Education

SGF: Stanford Graduate Fellowships in Science & Engineering

Stanford Graduate Fellowships in Science and Engineering (SGF) is a group of more than 300 endowed fellowships, each named by a donor. Both new and continuing doctoral students are nominated by their departments to receive two-year and three-year awards.

Read more about SGF



  • Jenna Ahn, Chemical Engineering
  • Josiah Aklilu, Biomedical Informatics
  • Carlos Aldrete, Chemical Engineering
  • Ayya Alieva, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Joao Paulo Azaro Berenguer, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Maxine Beeman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Arielle Berman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alexander Bourzutschky, Physics
  • Ryan Brennan, Education
  • Nicholas Broadbent, Mechanical Engineering
  • Magdalene Brueggemeyer, Chemistry
  • Ziwei Chen, Computer Science
  • Il Rok Choi, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Vincent Cornelius, Bioengineering
  • Julia Costacurta, Electrical Engineering
  • Aditya Cowsik, Physics
  • Ana De La Fuente Duran, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Anthony Degleris, Electrical Engineering
  • Markus Diehl, Immunology
  • Lavar Edmonds, Education
  • Arynn Gallegos, Electrical Engineering
  • Manu Gopakumar, Electrical Engineering
  • Leonardi Gozali, Biology
  • Mingxin Gu, Genetics
  • Nava Haghighi, Computer Science
  • Eugy Han, Communication
  • Anezka Hoskin, Genetics
  • Kyle Hsu, Computer Science
  • Amitesh Jayaraman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Anmol Kagrecha, Electrical Engineering
  • Radhika Kapoor, Education
  • Asir Intisar Khan, Electrical Engineering
  • Yeon Jung Kim, Chemistry
  • Katheryn Kornegay, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Anne Kroo, Electrical Engineering
  • Ava Lakmazaheri, Mechanical Engineering
  • Hope Lee, Applied Physics
  • Xiang Li, Computer Science
  • Xuechen Li, Computer Science
  • Zhihan Li, Mathematics
  • Connor Lin, Computer Science
  • Jingjia Liu, Bioengineering
  • Olivia Long, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Chenkai Mao, Electrical Engineering
  • William Meng, Electrical Engineering
  • Chloe Mikles, Biology
  • Allison Morningstar, Neurosciences
  • Maike Morrison, Biology
  • Timothy Morrison, Statistics
  • Colin Muir, Molecular and Cellular Physiology
  • Magdalena Murray, Cancer Biology
  • Pournima Narayanan, Chemistry
  • Eric Neumann, Psychology
  • Leslee Nguyen, Biochemistry
  • Jason Nideffer, Immunology
  • Megan Ochalek, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Babatunde Ogunlade, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Alison Ong, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Akshat Pandey, Physics
  • Emmit Pert, Chemistry
  • Suman Pokhrel, Chemical and Systems Biology
  • Nikhil Poole, Electrical Engineering
  • Pooja Reddy, Materials Science and Engineering
  • River Robles, Applied Physics
  • David Rogers, Earth System Science
  • Natalia Rubio, Mechanical Engineering
  • Atlanta Rydzik, Sociology
  • Mahlet Shiferaw, Physics
  • Soham Sinha, Bioengineering
  • George Sivulka, Electrical Engineering
  • Jennifer Skerker, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Athinagoras Skiadopoulos, Electrical Engineering
  • Francesca Starvaggi, Chemistry
  • Hubert Stokowski, Applied Physics
  • Eric Stolt, Electrical Engineering
  • Michelle Tai, Bioengineering
  • Wenchao Teng, Energy Resources Engineering
  • Matthew Tierney, Energy Resources Engineering
  • Carson Tucker, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sheng-Hwa Tung, Cancer Biology
  • Miles Tyner, Microbiology and Immunology
  • Jonathan Voyles, Geophysics
  • Brandon Wada, Chemistry
  • George Walters-Marrah, Biophysics
  • Sophie Walton, Biophysics
  • Sicong Wang, Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
  • Yandan Wang, Biology
  • Elizabeth Wig*, Electrical Engineering
  • Crystal Winston, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jennifer Wu, Political Science
  • Xiang Wu, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Theodore Yang, Chemical Engineering
  • Christine Yeh, Biomedical Informatics
  • Winnie Zambrana, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Sherry Zheng, Developmental Biology
  • *Honorary Stanford Graduate Fellow

Shoucheng Zhang Graduate Fellowship

The Shoucheng Zhang Graduate Fellowship supports outstanding doctoral students who are pursuing innovative, interdisciplinary research in the broad field of quantum science and engineering.

Read more about the Zhang Fellowship

  • Dan-Stefan Eniceicu, Physics
  • Maritha Wang, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Oleksiy Olehovych Krutko, Electrical Engineering
  • Vilhelm (Billy) Lee Andersen Woltz, Physics

SIGF: Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship

The Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship Program is a group of 100 endowed fellowships, each named by a donor. Three-year fellowships are awarded to current doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research and the pursuit of questions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Read more about SIGF

  • Cristina Ceballos, Philosophy
  • Gustavo Chau Loo Kung, SIGF Affiliated with Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, Bioengineering
  • Zonghe Chua, Bio-X SIGF, Mechanical Engineering
  • Madeline Cooper, Bio-X SIGF, Biophysics
  • Margaret Daly, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Frances Davenport, Earth System Science
  • Justin Donnelly, SIGF Affiliated with ChEM-H, Chemistry
  • Yuhang Fan, Bio-X SIGF, Bioengineering
  • Shivam Garg, Computer Science
  • Sonia Giebel, Education
  • Grace Huckins, Neurosciences
  • Zachary Izzo, Mathematics
  • Benjamin Knapp, Bio-X SIGF, Biophysics
  • Anna Kogler, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Maciej Kurzynski, East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Giovanni Malloy, Management Science and Engineering
  • Brianna McIntosh, SIGF Affiliated with ChEM-H, Cancer Biology
  • Catherine Marie Meis, Bio-X SIGF, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Sedona Murphy, Bio-X SIGF, Genetics
  • Philip Petrov, Political Science
  • Brandon Reynante, Education
  • John Silberstein, Bio-X SIGF, Immunology
  • Daphna Spivack, Psychology
  • Jon Stingel, Bio-X SIGF, Mechanical Engineering
  • Mo Tiwari, Computer Science
  • Peter Washington, Bioengineering
  • Kathryn Wu, SIGF Affiliated with Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, Neurosciences
  • Mike Wu, Computer Science
  • Pumiao Yan, Bio-X SIGF, Electrical Engineering
  • Zewen Zhang, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Eric Zhao, Bio-X SIGF, Chemical Engineering
  • Julie Zhu, Music
  • Biyao Zou, Bio-X SIGF, Epidemiology and Population Health