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Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship

About Lieberman

The one-year Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship supports doctoral students whose research accomplishments, teaching, and service to the University have demonstrated their potential for becoming academic leaders.

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Lieberman fellowships are by nomination only.

Contact your school’s dean’s office for more information after you’ve reviewed the fellowship details.

Recent News

Apr 15 2021 | HAI
Voice-controlled digital assistants like Siri and Alexa have become more and more adept at responding appropriately to user requests — but enabling users to hold a real conversation with such bots remains a huge challenge. Anyone who’s played around with these AIs knows there’s a world of...
What are typical work hours here? Do teammates do things together outside work? If I have an idea for changing something, what’s the best way to raise it? Those are questions a new member of any organizational team might have. How they get those questions answered has been a topic of interest to...
Mar 3 2021 | Stanford Earth
Coastal communities at the forefront of climate change reveal valuable approaches to foster adaptability and resilience, according to a worldwide analysis of small-scale fisheries by Stanford University researchers. Globally important for both livelihood and nourishment, small-scale fisheries...
Jan 20 2021 | Stanford Medicine
Suppose Smokey Bear were to lose it and start setting forest fires instead of putting them out. That roughly describes the behavior of certain cells of our immune system that become increasingly irascible as we grow older. Instead of stamping out embers, they stoke the flames of chronic...