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SIGF: Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship

About SIGF

The Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF) is a competitive, university-wide program that awards three-year fellowships to outstanding doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research.

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The SIGF application is now open. The application deadline is March 9, 2016.

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Recent News

Dec 23 2015 | Stanford News
Glowing dyes help scientists see inside the body and diagnose ailments, but they needed a certain type of molecule to improve the imaging depth. They invented a long wavelength near-infrared fluorescent molecule, and it works. The research team included 2010 SGF Fellow Guosong Hong and 2013 SIGF...
Nov 23 2015 | Stanford News
Stanford research shows that some California science textbooks by major publishers portray climate change as a debate over different opinions rather than as scientific fact. Major California science textbooks may be misrepresenting the science behind climate change as much weaker than it actually...