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SIGF: Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship

About SIGF

The Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF) is a competitive, university-wide program that awards three-year fellowships to outstanding doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research.

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The 2021 SIGF application is closed. The 2022 application will open in Winter 2022.

The application deadline was: February 22 at 11:59pm. 

Contact with any questions. Review info session slides for more information.

Recent News

Jun 3 2021 | Stanford Today
Stanford University geological sciences PhD student Sandra Schachat is among the 28 recipients of the 2021 Schmidt Science Fellowship. This postdoctoral fellowship supports early-career scientists committed to harnessing interdisciplinary science to make a positive difference in the world. Schmidt...
May 25 2021 | Stanford News
Cells are the building blocks of life, present in every living organism. But how similar do you think your cells are to a mouse? A fish? A worm. Comparing cell types in different species across the tree of life can help biologists understand how cell types arose and how they have adapted to the...
The Varsity Blues scandal triggered outrage about unfairness in college admissions, which goes far beyond the highly paid crimes of a few bad actors. For instance, SAT and ACT scores correlate strongly with wealth. That fact, plus COVID testing difficulties, has led more colleges to go test-...
May 19 2021 | Stanford Medicine
May 19, 2021. Modelling highlights disparities and charts paths to unlocking more equitable COVID-19 vaccination for disadvantaged populations within states and across the US. That was the key takeaway from an April 28th New Frontiers in Health Equity & Precision Population Health Seminar...