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Graduate Student Funding

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The cost of graduate study at Stanford and the resources available for financial support vary by degree, school, and enrollment status. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and anticipate their financial needs.

Campus Offices and Resources

Your Degree Program

Many funding policies and resources are local, so seek out your student services staff, faculty advisor, or faculty director of graduate studies for help or advice first.

Financial Aid Office

Stanford's main Financial Aid Office (FAO) offers a broad overview of graduate student funding and generates a sample graduate student budget (or estimated “cost of attendance”). The FAO also administers loans and manages Stanford Support Programs such as the Emergency Grant-In-Aid Funds and the Graduate Family Grant Program. The Graduate School of Business, School of Medicine, and Stanford Law School have financial aid offices to serve students pursuing professional degrees.

Office of the University Registrar

The "Reg Office" posts annual tuition rates.

Student Services Center

The Student Services Center can help you understand and pay your bill and provides other student services.

Mind Over Money

The Mind Over Money program provides workshops. coaching, and extensive personal finance resources, including information about taxes and saving for retirement, to support students' financial wellness during their time at Stanford and beyond.

Controller’s Office

The Controller’s Office offers information about taxes, student employment, and travel reimbursement.

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures

The GAP provides guidelines for graduate financial support, including definitions of typical funding sources and minimum salaries for research and teaching assistants.

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