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All 2022 VPGE Fellows

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We are pleased to announce the 2022 recipients of fellowships and awards administered by the VPGE office.

Supported by endowment and general funds, the following fellowships are designed to attract the most talented students to Stanford's doctoral programs. They also honor and support our most outstanding current doctoral students. Each program has a distinct focus, and while the selection processes vary, all are highly competitive and involve several rounds of faculty review.

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ARCS: Achievement Rewards for College Scientists

The ARCS Scholar Award recognizes outstanding students who have a record of past achievement and who show exceptional promise of making a significant contribution to the scientific and technological strength of the nation. Each year, the Northern California Chapter of the ARCS Foundation allocates an award to Stanford, which VPGE uses to support as many PhD students as possible through a combination of ARCS and university funds. ARCS scholars can select a two- or three-quarter award configuration depending upon their academic and tuition needs.

Read more about ARCS

Read more about the Northern California Chapter of the ARCS Foundation

  • Sean Cotner, Mathematics
  • Nicole DelRosso, Biophysics
  • Mallory Harris, Biology
  • Jennifer Hofmann, Chemical Engineering
  • Samantha "Sam" Ting Hung, Chemistry
  • William Hwang, Electrical Engineering
  • Matthew Liu, Chemical Engineering
  • Courtney Michelle Payne, Earth System Science
  • Richelle Smith, Electrical Engineering
  • Paul Summers, Geophysics

CCSRE: Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity Graduate Fellowships

The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity Graduate Fellowship (CCSRE) awards three-year fellowships to new doctoral students interested in the study of the meanings, processes, and consequences of race, ethnicity, and culture. 

Read more about CCSRE

  • Kelsey Chen, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Daniella Efrat, Sociology

DARE: Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence

The DARE Doctoral Fellowship Program awards two-year fellowships to advanced doctoral students who want to investigate and prepare for academic careers and whose presence will help diversify the professoriate. The DARE program aims to better prepare Stanford doctoral students from diverse backgrounds for successful faculty careers and to contribute to the richness of Stanford’s educational environment.

Read more about DARE

  • Basma Altaf, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Austin Ojiambo Atsango, Chemistry
  • Kelly L. Boles, Education
  • Christian "CJ" Brickhouse, Linguistics
  • Brian Cabral, Education
  • Sergio Armando Camelo Gomez, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Chew M Chai, Bioengineering
  • Nima Abukar Dahir, Sociology
  • Racheal Marbury Erhard, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Camilo Espinosa, Immunology
  • Jarita Greyeyes, Education
  • Chelsea Lide, Business
  • Kimya Loder, Sociology
  • Kengthsagn Louis, Psychology
  • Lorelay Mendoza Grijalva, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Minh Nguyen, Biomedical Informatics
  • Ana Nunez, History
  • Kemi Anike Oyewole, Education
  • Alberto Quintero, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Maria Gloria Robalino, Comparative Literature
  • Helena Roy, Economics
  • Janelle Siliezar-Doyle, Neurosciences
  • Magdalena Warren, Biology
  • Lucas "Luke" Williams, Modern Thought and Literature

EDGE: Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education Fellowship

Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) fellows are incoming doctoral students with outstanding scholarly promise who have the potential to contribute to the diversity of their academic fields and departments. EDGE serves students in the Graduate Schools of Business, Education, Sustainability, and the Schools of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Engineering, and Humanities & Science.

Read more about EDGE

  • Oluwakemisola "Kemi" Omolola Adeusi, German Studies
  • Ghufran Alkhamis, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kevin Anderson, Education
  • Lorena "Lore" Aviles Trujillo, Sociology
  • Celeste Betancur, Music
  • Ed'd Luna Bhagwandeen, Education
  • Camila Blanes, Business
  • Myra Cheng, Computer Science
  • Maxwell "Max" Moncada Cohen, Chemistry
  • Ayooluwateso Coker, Earth System Science
  • Jose "Polo" Leopoldo Contreras, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Ethan C Darwin, Mechanical Engineering
  • Nancy Marcellie Diallo, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Laura Dodds, Computer Science
  • Isabella Maria Dula Razzolini, Earth System Science
  • David M Dumas, Chemistry
  • Daniella Efrat, Sociology
  • Alejandro "Alex" Cadenas Esclamado, Mechanical Engineering
  • Wilfred Fimone, Linguistics
  • Andrea Sofia Flores Perez, Bioengineering
  • Maylin Lum Fu, Bioengineering
  • Josue Garcia Avila, Mechanical Engineering
  • Louisa Anne Gillett, English
  • Katherine "Katie" Rose Gioioso, Computer Science
  • Isabel Goldaracena Aguirre, Bioengineering
  • Tomás Andrés Guarna, Communication
  • Sumudu Dileka Gunawardana, Statistics
  • Christopher Spencer Gurley, Religious Studies
  • Clarissa Flores Gutierrez, Education
  • Kiran Hamkins, Mechanical Engineering
  • Nya Kai Hardaway, Sociology
  • Mara Hassan, Art and Art History
  • Zahra Nenna Heussen, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Kolawole "Kola" Philip Heyward-Rotimi, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Lanai Huddleston, Religious Studies
  • Gift Iyioku, German Studies
  • Amanda "Mandy" Gail Jackson, Geological Sciences
  • Jonathan Renaldo Jeffrey, Applied Physics
  • Emma Catherine Keller, Education
  • Aviv Korman, Bioengineering
  • Emma Rose Krasovich, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Garrett Alexander Kukier, Chemistry
  • Michael Wese Kwara, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Catherine "Cathy" Anya Lee Hing, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Melissa Sofia Lewis, Education
  • Leda Liang, Statistics
  • Federico Llarena, Business
  • Gabriela Lopez, Education
  • Janelle Keionna Mabrey, Electrical Engineering
  • Léon Marbach, Education
  • Maya Helena Martinez, Applied Physics
  • Elena Sabdy Martinez, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Maria de las Mercedes Martinez Milantchi, Anthropology
  • Brenden McKinney, Sociology
  • Ervin L McWilson, Management Science and Engineering
  • Hugo Mendez, Chemistry
  • Brando Miranda, Computer Science
  • Jason William Misleh, Chemistry
  • Abdalrhman "Abdal" Mahgoub Mohamed, Computer Science
  • Robert Cody Moose, Mechanical Engineering
  • Laura Moreno Carbonell, Bioengineering
  • Enrique Miguel Moya, Chemistry
  • Anushka Murthy, Mathematics
  • Houda Nait El Barj, Business
  • Leona Neftaliem, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Janelle Rosalyn Nelson, Economics
  • Nghi Thi-Phuong Nguyen, Bioengineering
  • Shadler Nguyen, Chemistry
  • Chisom Grace Ogbuagu, East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Nicholas "Nick" Okafor, Management Science and Engineering
  • Flint Luke Artie O'Neil, Economics
  • William Ortez, Physics
  • Luis Alfonso Pabon Madrid, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Kendall C. Parks, Psychology
  • Benjamin Trujillo Perez, Anthropology
  • Aron Ricardo Perez-Lopez, Computer Science
  • Victor Perez-Ramirez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Chris Emanuel Plantinos, Education
  • Linda Pucurimay, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Alexandra Leonor Ramos, Chemical Engineering
  • Leslie Joann Remache, Psychology
  • Sydney Diana Richardson, Mechanical Engineering
  • Isabela "Isa" Rios Amador, Chemical Engineering
  • Carolina Rios-Martinez, Bioengineering
  • Angelita "Angel" Teresa Rivera, Education
  • Jackelyn Rivera-Orellana, Education
  • Zachary "Zach" Robertson, Computer Science
  • Brith Milenia Rojas Mendoza, Chemical Engineering
  • Marcos Santiago Rojas Pino, Education
  • Maria Rosio Romero, Education
  • Guillem Rueda Oller, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Mario Zamir Ruiz, Geophysics
  • Michael David Salerno, Statistics
  • Alexandra "Alexa" Samaniego, Business
  • Jeffrey Sanchez, Religious Studies
  • Gustavo Santiago-Reyes, Bioengineering
  • Lillian Santos-Olmsted, Physics
  • Chad Michael Serrao, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Six Olivia Skov, Mechanical Engineering
  • Aliyah Smith, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Nicolas "Nico" Studen, Political Science
  • Miryea Lee Sturdivant, Political Science
  • Aqib Ahmed Syed, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Danilo Symonette, Computer Science
  • Caelia Marie Thomas, Electrical Engineering
  • Kamila Thompson, Electrical Engineering
  • Banu Tiryaki, Business
  • Jessica "Jess" Alexandria Towns, Bioengineering
  • Ma Cherrysse Ulsa, Education
  • Amanda Isabel Vanegas Ledesma, Earth System Science
  • Sreya Vangara, Mechanical Engineering
  • Christian Milton Williams, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Kelly Xiao, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Michael Yukun Yang, Bioengineering
  • Lijin Zhang, Education
  • Kyle Samuel Zolkin, Bioengineering
  • Julian Nojaim Zumbach, Religious Studies

VPGE Academic Achievement Awards for the Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership

These awards honor graduate students affiliated with the Centers for Equity, Community, and Leadership who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and serve as role models to undergraduate and graduate students. Each center determines its own selection process and criteria.

Read more about the Academic Achievement Awards

  • VPGE Academic Achievement Award for El Centro Chicano y Latino: A.J. Alvero, Education
  • VPGE Academic Achievement Award for the Native American Cultural Center: Melissa Eidman, Medicine
  • BCSC & VPGE Distinguished Scholar Award for the Black Community Services Center: Abísola Coretta Kúsimo, Mechanical Engineering
  • VPGE Academic Achievement Award for El Centro Chicano y Latino: Marlene Orozco, Sociology
  • VPGE Graduate Scholar Award for The Markaz: Resource Center: Sarah Shameem Maung, Sustainability Science & Practice
  • VPGE Academic Achievement Award for the Stanford Queer Student Resources: Adi Mukund, Biophysics
  • VPGE Research Teaching Award for the Asian American Activities Center: Iris Hui Zhang, Sociology
  • VPGE Graduate Feminist Scholar Award for the Women’s Community Center: Marianna Zhang, Psychology

Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship

The Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship was established in 1993 to honor Stanford Professor and Provost Gerald Lieberman for his many years of distinguished service to the university. Designed to support the next generation of academic leaders across a broad array of disciplines, the Lieberman Fellowships are awarded to advanced doctoral students nominated by each school’s dean. The honorees intend to pursue careers in academia and have demonstrated potential for leadership roles through their research accomplishments, teaching, and university service.

Read more about the Lieberman Fellowship

  • Luis Bergolla, Law
  • Iliana Bray, Electrical Engineering
  • Joleen Cheah, Biology
  • Kevin Patrick Griffin, Mechanical Engineering
  • Amy Lynne Johnson, Sociology
  • Dylan Gabriele Maghini, Genetics
  • Stephanie Robillard, Education
  • Gemma Elizabeth Smith, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Chloe Mirelle Stowell, Political Science
  • Sarah Toby Wilker, Classics
  • Jane Hong Wu, Computer Science
  • Jennifer Yin, Civil and Environmental Engineering

RAISE: Research, Action, and Impact, through Strategic Engagement Doctoral Fellowship

The RAISE (Research, Action, and Impact through Strategic Engagement) Doctoral Fellowship Program supports doctoral students who are motivated to make positive contributions to their communities and the world through their research and scholarship. In alignment with Stanford’s commitment to purposeful engagement and impact, the RAISE Doctoral Fellowship provides students with funding to support experiential learning opportunities coupled with cohort-based skills training and community building to better connect their research to action and impact.

Read more about the RAISE Fellowship

  • Adrienne Baer, Management Science and Engineering
  • Shalmali Bane, Epidemiology and Population Health
  • Jessica Bullington, Earth System Science
  • Samantha "Sam" Bunke, Chemical Engineering
  • Safari Fang, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
  • Paula Gaither, Classics
  • Paige Hill, Political Science
  • Akhila Kovvuri, Economics
  • Antonio Lopez, Modern Thought and Literature
  • Leslie Luqueno, Education
  • Chris Mah, Education
  • Sofia Mantilla Salas, Geological Sciences
  • Lloyd May, Music
  • Kaitlyn Mitchell, Biology
  • Aya Mouallem, Electrical Engineering
  • Oliver Nguyen, Biology
  • Godson Osele, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alanna Pyke, Genetics
  • Adin Walker, Theater and Performance Studies
  • Darion Wallace, Education

SGF: Stanford Graduate Fellowships in Science & Engineering

Stanford Graduate Fellowships in Science and Engineering (SGF) is a group of more than 300 endowed fellowships, each named by a donor. Both new and continuing doctoral students are nominated by their departments to receive two-year and three-year awards.

Read more about SGF

  • Shirin Abrishami Kashani, Political Science
  • Agur Samuel Adams, Electrical Engineering
  • Silas Leon Alberti, Electrical Engineering
  • Egor Alimpiev, Biology
  • Felipe Pablo Areces, Electrical Engineering
  • Faisal As'ad, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Francisco Gabriel Barrera, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Jonathan "Jon" Bezney, Genetics
  • Kruttika Gokula Bhat, Education
  • Sophie Katherine Bodek, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Ciprian Mircea Bonciocat, Mathematics
  • Lucy Jane Brown, Mechanical Engineering
  • Andrew Thomas Burden, Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
  • Brian Chao, Electrical Engineering
  • Yueyi Che, Geological Sciences
  • Gibson Ian Clark, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jamie Lin Kai-Jun Cleron, Chemistry
  • Christopher "Chris" Codogni, Chemistry
  • Ruben Luis Coronel, Physics
  • Jeandele Elliot, Chemical Engineering
  • Alejandro "Alex" Cadenas Esclamado, Mechanical Engineering
  • Aaron Ovadia Feldman, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Karen Feng, Biomedical Informatics
  • Lukas-Benedikt Fiechtner, Management Science and Engineering
  • Maylin Lum Fu, Bioengineering
  • Zipeng Fu, Computer Science
  • Hajime Fujita, Bioengineering
  • Ruiquan Gao, Computer Science
  • Isabella "Izzi" Rose Gengaro, Chemical Engineering
  • Katherine "Katie" Rose Gioioso, Computer Science
  • Harsh Gupta, Economics
  • Kiran Hamkins, Mechanical Engineering
  • Michael "Mike" Hardy, Education
  • Joy He-Yueya, Computer Science
  • Emma Sara Heaton, Cancer Biology
  • Zahra Nenna Heussen, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Ariana Hofelmann, Electrical Engineering
  • Malachi Kirk Hornbuckle, Electrical Engineering
  • Yixin Hu, Biology
  • Sehui Jeong, Mechanical Engineering
  • Hannah Calzi Kleidermacher, Electrical Engineering
  • Melissa Agnes Klein, Mechanical Engineering
  • Morgan Elaine Knowlton, Management Science and Engineering
  • Benyamin Krisna, Mechanical Engineering
  • Hoyean Le, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sophie Helena Huiyuan Li, Applied Physics
  • Jiahao Liang, Molecular and Cellular Physiology
  • Sabrina Liu, Electrical Engineering
  • Meredith "Mia" Tucker Lochhead, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Alexander "Alex" Lopez, Mathematics
  • Tian Yu Lu, Bioengineering
  • Jiaju Ma, Computer Science
  • Kyrus Reyaz Mama, Neurosciences
  • Viraj Manwadkar, Physics
  • Albert Marti i Sabari, Biology
  • Elena Sabdy Martinez, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Arjun Sunil Mirani, Applied Physics
  • Zachary Zinzan Montgomerie, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Andrew Christopher Wayne Myers, Political Science
  • Janelle Rosalyn Nelson, Economics
  • Dayeeta Pal, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Alexis Marie Payne, Economics
  • Victor Perez-Ramirez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ryan Lok Him Po, Electrical Engineering
  • Alexandra Leonor Ramos, Chemical Engineering
  • Beth Rispoli, Psychology
  • Juan Esteban Rodriguez Rodriguez, Biology
  • Brith Milenia Rojas Mendoza, Chemical Engineering
  • Paloma Armendariz Ruiz, Genetics
  • Anish Senapati, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Aditya Shah, Chemical Engineering
  • Gina Sohn, Electrical Engineering
  • Changgyun Son, Energy Resources Engineering
  • Kristen Lilly Steudel, Mechanical Engineering
  • Oliver August Takacsi-Nagy, Immunology
  • Alp Tartici, Chemical and Systems Biology
  • Chloe Taylor, Physics
  • Jessica "Jess" Alexandria Towns, Bioengineering
  • Katherine "Katie" Anne Travisano, Microbiology and Immunology
  • Yonatan Urman, Electrical Engineering
  • Amanda Isabel Vanegas Ledesma, Earth System Science
  • Keertana Veeramony Chidambaram, Management Science and Engineering
  • Sarah Emma Vicol, Economics
  • Weiyao Wang, Computer Science
  • Boran Wang, Energy Resources Engineering
  • Laura Weiler, Chemistry
  • Christian Milton Williams, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Jia Zheng Woo, Biochemistry
  • Minkai Xu, Computer Science
  • Yao Xu, Sociology
  • Zitong Yang, Statistics
  • Wenyan "Lucy" Zhang, Genetics
  • Wenjie "Christine" Zhou, Cancer Biology
  • Kyle Samuel Zolkin, Bioengineering

SIGF: Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship

The Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship Program is a group of 100 endowed fellowships, each named by a donor. Three-year fellowships are awarded to current doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research and the pursuit of questions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Read more about SIGF

  • Gabe M. Barrón, SIGF affiliated with Sarafan ChEM-H, Immunology
  • Preksha Bhagchandani, Bio-X SIGF, Immunology
  • Javier Blanco Portillo, Biology
  • Samantha Bunke, Chemical Engineering
  • Andy Chang, Epidemiology and Population Health
  • Xinyi Chen, Bio-X SIGF, Bioengineering
  • Gloria Paidamoyo Chikaonda, Law
  • Tejas Dharmaraj, SIGF affiliated with Sarafan ChEM-H, Immunology
  • Atticus Geiger, Linguistics
  • Purvi Goel, Computer Science
  • Maggie Harrington, Psychology
  • Rebecca Hinds, Management Science and Engineering
  • Devansh Jalota, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
  • Minji Kang, Bio-X SIGF, Computer Science
  • Christopher John Knight, Biology
  • Michelle Lam, Computer Science
  • Angela Y. Lee, SIGF affiliated with the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, Communication
  • Lloyd May, Music
  • Chenlin Meng, Computer Science
  • Akshatkumar Nigam, Bio-X SIGF, Computer Science
  • Kwamina Nyame, SIGF affiliated with the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, Biochemistry
  • Anusri Pampari, Bio-X SIGF, Computer Science
  • Gabriel Poesia, Computer Science
  • Kalani Ratnasiri, Bio-X SIGF, Immunology
  • David Rose, Psychology
  • Anirudh Sankar, Economics
  • Fredrik Samdal Solberg, Bio-X SIGF, Mechanical Engineering
  • Eun Sun Song, Applied Physics
  • Jiawei Sun, Bio-X SIGF, Bioengineering
  • Carmen Thong, English
  • Timothy Ting-Hsuan Wu, Bio-X SIGF, Biochemistry
  • Eric Wu, Bio-X SIGF, Electrical Engineering
  • Jonathan Lee Yang, Bio-X SIGF, Chemistry
  • Xianghao Zhan, SIGF affiliated with the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, Bioengineering

Shoucheng Zhang Graduate Fellowship

The Shoucheng Zhang Graduate Fellowship supports outstanding doctoral students who are pursuing innovative, interdisciplinary research in the broad field of quantum science and engineering.

Read more about the Zhang Fellowship

  • Vilhelm "Billy" Lee Andersen Woltz, Physics
  • Jordan E Docter, Computer Science
  • Yating Yao, Chemistry
  • Zelong Yin, Applied Physics
  • Yujia Yuan, Electrical Engineering
  • Chenyi Zhang, Computer Science