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EDGE: Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education Doctoral Fellowship Program

About EDGE

The Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) Doctoral Fellowship Program supports the recruitment and academic success of outstanding doctoral students who have the potential to enhance the diversity - broadly defined - of their academic disciplines and fields.

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EDGE fellowships are by nomination only.

Contact the EDGE fellowship team with questions after you've reviewed the fellowship details.

Recent News

Apr 19 2021 | Stanford News
Inside your body, cell movement plays a crucial role in many significant biological processes, including wound healing, immune responses and the potential spread of cancer. “Most people don’t die from having a primary tumor,” said Kolade Adebowale, a graduate student in chemical engineering, and a...
Mar 3 2021 | Stanford Earth
Coastal communities at the forefront of climate change reveal valuable approaches to foster adaptability and resilience, according to a worldwide analysis of small-scale fisheries by Stanford University researchers. Globally important for both livelihood and nourishment, small-scale fisheries...
Feb 22 2021 | Stanford Business
Millions of American consumers are in for a jolt: a backlog of household debt that could abruptly come due in the months ahead. One of the less-noticed pillars of financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic has been temporary debt relief, a process known as “forbearance.” It allowed people to...
Feb 19 2021 | Stanford Business
Among the many devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic is the stark fact that working women have been disproportionately affected — with four times more women than men being pushed out of the labor force, according to one survey. As the pandemic erodes women’s progress in the workforce,...