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SGF: Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science & Engineering

About SGF

The multi-year Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science and Engineering (SGF) supports exceptional incoming and continuing doctoral students in the natural and social sciences, education, engineering, and the basic sciences in the School of Medicine.

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Students must be nominated by an eligible department to be considered for a SGF. Most nominees are newly admitted students in the sciences or engineering.

Contact with any questions.

Departments that are eligible for SGF

Recent News

Mar 22 2020 | Stanford Earth
Four Stanford Earth researchers have been selected to receive 2019 Outstanding Student Paper Awards (OSPAs) from the American Geophysical Union (AGU): PhD candidates Tyler Kukla, Chayawan (Earth) Jaikla, Indraneel (Neel) Kasmalkar, and Anna Broome. The prestigious award is given to promote,...
Feb 26 2020 | Stanford Engineering
We’ve all heard the saying: “Practice makes perfect.” But research into the neurological process of learning how to move suggests that it might be more accurate to say “mindful practice makes perfect.” This may not sound revolutionary to anyone who’s ever shot a free throw like LeBron, or knocked a...
Feb 24 2020 | Stanford News
In a future built on quantum technologies, planes and spaceships could be fueled by the momentum of light. Quantum computers will crunch through complex problems spanning chemistry to cryptography with greater speed and energy efficiency than existing processors. But before this future can come to...
Feb 19 2020 | Stanford News
Battery performance can make or break the electric vehicle experience, from driving range to charging time to the lifetime of the car. Now, artificial intelligence has made dreams like recharging an EV in the time it takes to stop at a gas station a more likely reality, and could help improve...