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SGF: Stanford Graduate Fellowships in Science & Engineering

About SGF

The three-year Stanford Graduate Fellowships in Science and Engineering (SGF) support exceptional incoming and continuing doctoral students in the natural and social sciences, education, engineering, and the basic sciences in the School of Medicine.

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Students must be nominated for SGF by their department. Most nominees are students who are newly admitted to an eligible science or engineering department.

Departments that are eligible for SGF

Recent News

Human embryos make viral proteins within days of fertilization, a new study shows. These proteins affect human gene expression and may protect the cells from infection by other viruses. A fertilized human egg may seem like the ultimate blank slate. But within days of fertilization, the growing mass...
Apr 7 2015 | Stanford News
The technique, called cathodoluminescence tomography, could assist in the development of high-efficiency solar cells and LEDS, or improve the way biological systems are visualized. To design the next generation of optical devices, ranging from efficient solar panels to LEDs to optical transistors,...