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Our Mission

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VPGE works collaboratively across the university to ensure that every graduate student receives the best possible educational experience. VPGE's initiatives and resources enrich students' academic experiences at Stanford by advancing diversity, preparing leaders, and positioning Stanford at the forefront of innovation in graduate education.

VPGE's Current Priorities

  • Administer university-wide graduate fellowship programs
  • Advance graduate student diversity
  • Foster interdisciplinary learning and inter-school networking opportunities
  • Provide professional development resources and guidance to graduate students
  • Promote academic innovation, within and across graduate degree programs
  • Recommend, promulgate, and interpret university-wide graduate academic policy
  • Facilitate collaborative problem-solving on university-wide issues

How We Do This

VPGE actively collaborates with Stanford’s schools, departments, and central offices and with graduate student leaders and organizations to advance University priorities. Specifically, VPGE:

  • Provides resources and expertise
  • Convenes people and departments to discuss challenges in graduate education
  • Designs and delivers innovative projects in selected areas
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for information and resources
  • Analyzes data on graduate education