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Oct 22 2021 | Stanford Report Faculty, Stanford, Students, VPGE
Provost Persis Drell told the Faculty Senate Thursday that a committee has been charged with developing recommendations for a process to create a new institute on the study of race, ethnicity and society. The Faculty Senate also heard updates on the university’s response to COVID-19 and the state...
Oct 13 2021 | Stanford Graduate School of Education Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Amid a growing push for schools to better prepare young people to navigate a world awash in data, a team of scholars led by Stanford Graduate School of Education Professor Jo Boaler has introduced a groundbreaking tool for educators: “Big Ideas in Data Science,” a proposed set of standards for...
Oct 12 2021 | Stanford Report Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
In a 14-year analysis of air quality across California, Stanford researchers observed higher levels of air pollutants within 2.5 miles of oil and gas wells, likely worsening negative health outcomes for nearby residents.
Oct 5 2021 | Stanford Report Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
For a child leaving juvenile detention, building a relationship with a teacher who believes in them can make all the difference. A new Stanford-led study suggests that a personalized one-page letter can go a long way toward helping forge that relationship – and reduce the likelihood that the...
Sep 26 2021 | Stanford Report Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Earlier this month, President Biden urged other countries to join the U.S. and European Union in a commitment to slashing methane emissions. Two new Stanford-led studies could help pave the way by laying out a blueprint for coordinating research on methane removal technologies, and modeling how the...
Sep 24 2021 | Stanford Report Fellow, Stanford, Students, VPGE
Fifteen Stanford graduate students have been honored with Siebel Scholar awards presented by the Siebel Foundation in Redwood City. Since 2000, the Siebel Scholar award has recognized exceptional graduate students at leading schools of business, computer science and bioengineering.
Sep 20 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Conversations about race between Black and white friends can feel uncomfortable, but having these discussions may make the friendship stronger, according to new Stanford research.
Aug 30 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
As wildfires become commonplace in the western U.S. and around the world, checking the daily air quality warning has become as routine as checking the weather. But what people do with that data – whether it drives them to slip on a mask before stepping outside or seal up their homes against smoke...
Jul 12 2021 | Stanford Medicine Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
A diet rich in fermented foods enhances the diversity of gut microbes and decreases molecular signs of inflammation, according to researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine. In a clinical trial, 36 healthy adults were randomly assigned to a 10-week diet that included either fermented or high-...
Jun 15 2021 | Stanford Today Awards, Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
Seventeen individuals with Stanford affiliations are among this year’s recipients of 2021-22 grants from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, which provides funding for individually designed research projects, graduate student programs and English Teaching Assistant Programs overseas.