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Mar 21 2019 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
Breakfast conversations have taken a new shape in Stanford’s Chemistry Department, thanks to the efforts of two graduate students: Jen Marrero Hope and Natalie Geise, now fourth-year students in the department’s PhD program.
Mar 7 2019 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
Scattered throughout the Philippines are many caves containing precious geological formations that hold key information about past climate. But due to local quarrying, some of these formations may be destroyed. Now, one Stanford scientist is on a mission to save them.
Feb 20 2019 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
As researchers learn more about the genes that shape a child’s development – including traits of interest to parents and educators – these discoveries must not distract from the essential need for well-crafted policy and determined teachers in the collective task of educating the next generation,...
Feb 11 2019 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
At-home DNA testing kits may be the latest fad, but according to new research by Stanford sociologists, not everyone is keen to find out whether they are related to the British royal family or a Neanderthal.
Jan 8 2019 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
A new device developed by Stanford University researchers could make it easier for doctors to monitor the success of blood vessel surgery. The sensor, detailed in a paper published Jan. 8 in Nature Biomedical Engineering, monitors the flow of blood through an artery. It is biodegradable, battery-...
Dec 28 2018 | Stanford Athletics Fellow, Stanford, Students
Our family's story begins in a mud hut. That’s where my father’s life began. His story is one of perseverance, and that is a large part of mine. It can be overwhelming to think of the infinite number of pieces that fell into place to get where I am today: a Rose Bowl MVP on the verge of earning a...
Dec 7 2018 | PBS News Hour Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
Only 1 in 20 college degrees awarded today are in the humanities or liberal arts, as a perception persists that these fields don't provide marketable skills for students entering the workforce. But is this theory true? For this segment of PBS's Future of Work series, Jeffrey Brown explores why...
Dec 1 2018 | Stanford Magazine Fellow, Research, Stanford
Read a list of his pursuits, and you might think that Derrick Boone Jr. is a dabbler. Officially, he’s a sixth-year PhD candidate in applied physics. But he also writes science fiction, lifts weights, delves into linguistics, makes podcasts, throws dinner parties and studies Japanese. Lately, he’s...
Nov 30 2018 | Stanford Magazine Stanford, Students
A lively group of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers is on a mission to show the public why science is cool, one podcast episode at a time. Their weekly audio show, Goggles Optional, offers a professional yet humorous take on the latest happenings in science.
Nov 7 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
When Michal Vadai’s experiment worked for the first time, she jumped out of her seat.