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EDGE: Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education Doctoral Fellowship Program

About EDGE

The Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) Doctoral Fellowship Program supports the recruitment and academic success of outstanding doctoral students who have the potential to enhance the diversity - broadly defined - of their academic disciplines and fields.

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EDGE fellowships are by nomination only.

Contact the EDGE fellowship team with questions after you've reviewed the fellowship details.

Recent News

In 1998, at age 9, Wendy De La Rosa moved from her native Dominican Republic into her grandmother’s two-bedroom Bronx apartment with her mother and an ever-changing cast of relatives. Her mom, a psychologist, found work as a hotel maid, and during those tough years, De La Rosa became fascinated by...
Mar 21 2019 | Stanford News
Breakfast conversations have taken a new shape in Stanford’s Chemistry Department, thanks to the efforts of two graduate students: Jen Marrero Hope and Natalie Geise, now fourth-year students in the department’s PhD program. The duo began the Chemistry Association for the Interests of Minority...
Mar 7 2019 | Stanford News
Scattered throughout the Philippines are many caves containing precious geological formations that hold key information about past climate. But due to local quarrying, some of these formations may be destroyed. Now, one Stanford scientist is on a mission to save them. Daniel Ibarra, BS ’12, MS ’...
Feb 20 2019 | Stanford News
As researchers learn more about the genes that shape a child’s development – including traits of interest to parents and educators – these discoveries must not distract from the essential need for well-crafted policy and determined teachers in the collective task of educating the next generation,...