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SIGF: Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship

About SIGF

The Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF) is a competitive, university-wide program that awards three-year fellowships to outstanding doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research.

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The 2020 SIGF application is now closed. The 2021 application will open in Winter Quarter, 2021.

Contact with any questions. Review info session slides for more information.

Recent News

Apr 8 2020 | Stanford News
Viruses that jump from animals to people, like the one responsible for COVID-19, will likely become more common as people continue to transform natural habitats into agricultural land, according to a new Stanford study. The analysis, published in Landscape Ecology, reveals how the loss of tropical...
Mar 20 2020 | Stanford News
Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new device for connecting the brain directly to silicon-based technologies. While brain-machine interface devices already exist – and are used for prosthetics, disease treatment and brain research – this latest device can record more data while...
Jan 20 2020 | Stanford News
Australians desperate for solutions to raging wildfires might find them 8,000 miles away, where a new Stanford-led study proposes ways of overcoming barriers to prescribed burns – fires purposefully set under controlled conditions to clear ground fuels. The paper, published Jan. 20 in Nature...
Jan 15 2020 | Stanford Engineering
Electronics are showing up everywhere: on our laps, in pockets and purses and, increasingly, snuggled up against our skin or sewed into our clothing. But the adoption of wearable electronics has so far been limited by their need to derive power from bulky, rigid batteries that reduce comfort and...