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Apr 27 2022 | Stanford Report Fellow, Research, Stanford
Warnings of the fast-spreading SARS-CoV-2 virus in early 2020 threw everyone’s lives into chaos. Many people wondered how the virus would affect their health, jobs, housing accommodations, and other aspects of their lives. To cope with the turmoil and confusion of COVID-19, individuals quickly...
Feb 2 2022 | Stanford Report Fellow, Research, Stanford
In a primary election, if voters believe that it is too hard or impossible for a woman candidate to win a general election, they’ll support a male candidate from their party instead – even if they personally preferred a woman, according to new Stanford research.
Jan 6 2022 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Fellow, Research, Stanford
Lithium metal batteries could store much more charge in a given space than today’s lithium-ion batteries, and the race is on to develop them for next-gen electric vehicles, electronics and other uses. But one of the hurdles that stand in the way is a silent battle between two of the battery’s parts...
Dec 30 2021 | Stanford Energy Fellow, Research, Stanford
Forbes’ 2022 “30 Under 30” feature includes two current Stanford University students and eight recent alumni developing energy- and sustainability-related technologies. The 2022 list has the most Stanford students and alumni in cleantech since Forbes started its “30 Under 30” feature 10 years ago.
Nov 22 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Like a mirage on the horizon, an innovative process for converting a potent greenhouse gas into a food security solution has been stalled by economic uncertainty. Now, a first-of-its-kind Stanford University analysis evaluates the market potential of the approach, in which bacteria fed captured...
Sep 24 2021 | HAI Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Rising consumer concern over data privacy has led to a rush of “right to be forgotten” laws around the world that allow individuals to request their personal data be expunged from massive databases that catalog our increasingly online lives. Researchers in artificial intelligence have observed that...
Aug 10 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
From lake-draining drought in California to bridge-breaking floods in China, extreme weather is wreaking havoc. Preparing for weather extremes in a changing climate remains a challenge, however, because their causes are complex and their response to global warming is often not well understood. Now...
Aug 6 2021 | Stanford Medicine Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Can you think of what you had for breakfast? Calling up this memory will almost certainly make you think of not only where you were at the time — perhaps sitting at your kitchen table — but also what was on your mind: reviewing your goals for the day, managing family chaos or perusing the latest...
Aug 4 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
A new Stanford University study shows hot, dry conditions caused by climate change have added billions of dollars to the cost of the federally subsidized insurance program that protects farmers against drops in crop prices and yields.
Jul 27 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
This past spring, Stanford University computer scientists unveiled their pandemic brainchild, Code In Place, a project where 1,000 volunteer teachers taught 10,000 students across the globe the content of an introductory Stanford computer science course.