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SIGF Video Stories

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Learn more about the fellowship through these video stories:

SIGF Fellow Insights - What are you most excited about for this year?

SIGF fellows share what they are most excited about for the year ahead.

A Passport to New Fields of Study

Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowships give promising young scholars the freedom to tackle vital questions that cross traditional boundaries of scholarship. Patti Gumport, Stanford's founding Vice Provost for Graduate Education, discusses the value of these fellowships for graduate students whose outside-the-box approaches to research can lead to whole new fields of study.

New Insights into Online Learning

Rene Kizilcec, PhD '17, draws on communication, psychology, education, and computer science to study online learning. A Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF) is giving him the flexibility to pursue groundbreaking research on student behavior in online courses—and to launch new collaborations across the university.

Mapping the Spread of Disease

Laura Bloomfield's Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF) took her to Uganda, where she investigated whether infectious diseases were being shared between humans and primates. "I am doing work that would not be possible without an SIGF," says Bloomfield, '07, MS '10, PhD '16, MD '18.