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The resources listed here include offices, articles, websites, slides, and other sources of information useful to graduate students. Use the search to find what you're looking for.

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Speaking Resources Quick Overview

Giving presentations and engaging in public speaking can be intimidating, but it is a necessary part of graduate school, as well as many careers. Learn to control your speech anxiety and develop effective speaking habits with these resources from the Hume Center.  

Last modified 09/07/2016

Tomorrow's Professor Archive & Mailing List

Explore the Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List to get to know the ins and outs of academia, from research and graduate study to teaching, faculty development, and the job search. Subscribe to receive the twice-weekly email newsletter or browse the extensive archive of past issues. 

Last modified 08/12/2016

Dual-Career Academic Couples: What Universities Need to Know

Are you well acquainted with the "Two-Body Problem"? In 2008, the Clayman Institute conducted a research study on academic dual-career couples. Seventy-two percent of the tenured and tenure-track faculty who participated in the study reported having employed partners. This PDF addresses partnering patterns in the US academic workforce and analyzes a range of university programs, policies, and practices. This guide will help you decide which types of faculty roles and academic institutions might fit your needs and values, as well as those of your partner. It is especially useful for women and people of color within dual-career couples, whom the study found are more likely to be partnered with another academic and to be the partner hire.

Note that this Clayman report contains information that is potentially useful for any dual-career couple, even if only one is an academic.

Last modified 08/07/2014

Job and Internship Opportunities through BEAM

BEAM, Stanford's career center, routinely compiles an in-depth list of job and internship opportunities for students of all stages in their graduate careers. Check out their current list of opportunities to learn what's out there and to potentially find the right job for you! If you have not yet registered through Handshake, you will be prompted to do so.

Last modified 10/28/2016

Postdoc Academic Chats

Postdoc Academic Chats are monthly lunchtime seminars for postdocs across the university that recognize the specific aspects of the postdoc experience. Led by Dr. Rick Reis, the Postdoc Academic Chat series features lively presentations and discussions on relevant issues and strategies, such as how to generate the ideas that are most likely to get funded, how to negotiate for resources with colleagues, and why it helps to do a teaching postdoc. Attendees are asked to read three very short articles on the topic prior to the event.

Postdoc academic chats are limited to 40 people and lunch is served. Graduate students are welcome to attend if space is available.

Last modified 11/19/2014

Selecting a Dissertation Chair and Committee

This book excerpt introduces graduate students to some of the factors to consider when selecting a dissertation chair and committee. Of most relevance to students in the early stages of the selection process. From the book Writing a Successful Thesis or Dissertation: Tips and Strategies for Students in the Social and Behavioral Sciences,by Fred C. Lunenburg and Beverly J. Irby.

Last modified 08/13/2014