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The resources listed here include offices, articles, websites, slides, and other sources of information useful to graduate students. Use the search to find what you're looking for.

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What Do You Value? Worksheet

Matching your values to the nature of work you do and the setting in which you do it is crucial for personal and professional happiness. This quick exercise is designed to help you identify which values are most important for you when considering career options. By no means comprehensive, this activity will help you to start envisioning the opportunities and organizations that match your personal values.

Last modified 09/10/2014

Dual Career Academic Couples: Online Dual Career Toolkit

This Toolkit is a quick and practical tool for Stanford graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in all fields. The first slides showcase key findings from Clayman's 2008 research on dual-career academic couples. The later ones feature helpful tips such as determining your bottom line with your partner ahead of time, how to investigate an institution's policies on spousal hiring, and when to bring up your partner with a hiring committee. A useful way to orient yourself on this issue.

While addressed to couples in which both partners are academics, the advice for job applicants is potentially helpful for dual-career couples where only one partner is an academic. 

Last modified 08/07/2014

Finding a Postdoc Position at Stanford

If you are finishing your PhD soon and interested in learning more about postdoctoral positions right here at Stanford, check out the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA). The OPA manages a list of current open postdoc positions, including contact information for faculty associated with those positions. Visit their website to learn more.   

Last modified 04/01/2017

Activities to Boost Student Engagement

This resource provides you with a variety of highly effective learning activities to implement as an instructor. These teaching strategies can enhance your course, promote student engagement, and foster a more inclusive learning environment in your classroom. 

Last modified 08/11/2016

CAPS Outreach and Consultation

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides several outreach services to support students' mental health and overall emotional well-being. This website provides an overview of their services, as well as information on how to assist fellow students in distress.  

Last modified 08/30/2016

Award-Winning Teachers on Teaching

This lecture series has invited many of Stanford's most accomplished teachers to speak about the teaching-related topics of their choice. Although the series has not been offered recently, the Teaching Commons website provides an extensive archive of videos of past events. Watch these videos and learn from the best!

Last modified 09/07/2016

Communicating Science: Giving Talks Guide

Are you interested in improving your scientific talks? Looking for tips to boost your communication skills as a scientist? Look no further! This clear and accessible guide, produced by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and suggested by Stanford's BioSci Careers website is an excellent tool to support your scientific communication skills. A simple, engaging pdf, this guide is essential for all scientists. 

Last modified 10/13/2017

Successful Proposal Writing

From DoResearch at Stanford, this set of materials offers a general introduction to grant-writing that can help you begin to build the skills you'll need to write a successful proposal. This is meant to be an overview: be sure to seek more comprehensive guidance as well. Especially relevant to students in the sciences.   

Last modified 09/03/2015

Ask a Career Coach: Career Basics Video

From Career Connect at the Stanford Alumni Association, this video provides great, clear information on key aspects of developing, as well as evolving, your career. Career coach and Stanford alumnus Rainbow Chen ('96, '97) answers questions from Stanford alumni on everything from writing the perfect resume to reinventing your career. Watch this engaging hour-long video for some excellent career pointers! 

Last modified 09/06/2016

Biosciences Grant Writing Academy

The Biosciences Grant Writing Academy supports Stanford graduate students and postdocs in all aspects of creating and writing effective grant proposals. The Academy offers scholars multiple opportunities to improve and refine grant writing, through lectures, classes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching. It aims to train you to write and edit efficienty, to empower you to elicit and give effective feedback, and to provide you with excellent coaching on your writing. If you are a grad student or postdoc in the biosciences, check out their many opportunities and resources today!



Last modified 11/14/2016