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Sep 26 2021 | Stanford Report Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Earlier this month, President Biden urged other countries to join the U.S. and European Union in a commitment to slashing methane emissions. Two new Stanford-led studies could help pave the way by laying out a blueprint for coordinating research on methane removal technologies, and modeling how the...
Sep 24 2021 | Stanford Report Fellow, Stanford, Students, VPGE
Fifteen Stanford graduate students have been honored with Siebel Scholar awards presented by the Siebel Foundation in Redwood City. Since 2000, the Siebel Scholar award has recognized exceptional graduate students at leading schools of business, computer science and bioengineering.
Sep 24 2021 | HAI Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Rising consumer concern over data privacy has led to a rush of “right to be forgotten” laws around the world that allow individuals to request their personal data be expunged from massive databases that catalog our increasingly online lives. Researchers in artificial intelligence have observed that...
Sep 20 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Conversations about race between Black and white friends can feel uncomfortable, but having these discussions may make the friendship stronger, according to new Stanford research.
Sep 17 2021 | Stanford Report Stanford, Students, VPGE
During New Graduate Student Orientation last week, Stanford welcomed new master’s, doctoral and professional degree students with a series of events, including open houses, workshops, library tours and a mixer for graduate students with children. The annual event introduces incoming graduate...