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Apr 8 2022 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
One cutting-edge cancer treatment exciting researchers today involves collecting and reprogramming a patient’s T cells – a special set of immune cells – then putting them back into the body ready to detect and destroy cancerous cells. Although effective for widespread blood cancers like leukemia,...
Mar 30 2022 | Stanford Report Announcement, Stanford, Students, VPGE
Growing numbers of students over the past few years have found support meeting the challenges of learning at Stanford while navigating the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic through the Academic Coaching program at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Academic coaches meet with students...
Mar 24 2022 | Stanford Report Education, Research, Stanford, Students, VPGE
No one would ever imagine crumpling up their smartphone, television or another electronic device. Today’s displays – which are flat, rigid and fragile – lack the ability to reshape to interactively respond to users.
Mar 15 2022 | Newsletter Events, Newsletter, Students, VPGE
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Mar 14 2022 | Stanford Report Fellow, Research, Stanford
In the classic example of mountain-building, the Indian and Asian continental plates crashed – and continue colliding today – to form the world’s largest and highest geologic structures: the Himalayan Mountains and the Tibetan Plateau.