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Reyna Hulett

I am a 3rd year PhD candidate studying theoretical computer science, advised by Mary Wootters. My research concentrates primarily in algorithmic game theory (e.g., the study of markets or voting systems) and coding theory (e.g, making data resilient to hardware failure, with applications to cryptography). As an undergraduate in computer science and math, I had the chance to grade/tutor for a variety of technical courses, but I'm eager to get more direct experience with teaching. I see my passion for research and tutoring as both stemming from a love of puzzles--whether that be coming up with mathematical proofs or devising intuitive ways to explain difficult material, debugging code or debugging a student's thought process. However, teaching has the advantage over theoretical research of making a direct impact on other people. Through PFP, I hope to learn whether I am cut out to serve in this way.