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ARCS: Achievement Rewards for College Scientists

About ARCS

The Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholar Fellowship recognizes outstanding students in the natural sciences and engineering who demonstrate the potential to make significant contributions to the scientific and technological strength of the nation.

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ARCS fellowships are by nomination only.

Contact your Dean’s office for more information.

Recent News

Jul 18 2018 | Stanford News
For over a century, scientists have studied E. coli, one of the bacteria that cause food poisoning, as a model for fighting infections. Such research has led to a variety of antibiotics that penetrate the protective cell walls of bacteria to kill them. Now, a multi-university study led by Stanford...
Apr 24 2017 | Stanford News
A new four-step “framework” aims to test the contribution of climate change to record-setting extreme weather events. After an unusually intense heat wave, downpour or drought, Noah Diffenbaugh and his research group inevitably receive phone calls and emails asking whether human-caused climate...
Apr 19 2017 | The Stanford Daily
In this edition of Glam Grads, The Stanford Daily sat down with Gennifer Smith M.S ’15, a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering (EE) who works in Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Audrey Bowden’s lab. Smith is working to develop a reliable, low-cost urinalysis test that...
May 16 2016 | Stanford News
Seeking to relieve the burden on clinics and primary care doctors, researchers created a urinalysis system that uses a black box and smartphone camera to analyze a standard medical dipstick. There’s a good reason your doctor asks for a urine sample at your annual checkup. A simple, color-changing...