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EDGE Workshop Series: Mental Health, Wellness and the Grad School Journey

Prioritizing your mental well-being while on the PhD journey is of the utmost importance but can be challenging. You are invited to lunch with professionals from across campus to hear them share their insights for how you can prioritize your mental and emotional well-being.

These questions and more will be on the table for discussion. We'll also ask you to share your own experiences and strategies for finding balance.

We have invited guest speakers to share their insights on how you can prioritize and maintain healthy habits as a doctoral student.

Take a break, pet a dog

The Terman Engineering Library is pleased to have therapy dogs again this quarter. Please join us in the Y2E2 Courtyard on the second Thursday of the month from 3-4pm. Dog and owner teams from Pet Partners will be providing relaxation and stress relief. In the event of rain, look for us under the covered walkway. Please join us!

Letters to a Young Engineer: Theresa Johnson, Product Manager (Airbnb)

Theresa works on new Payments technology platforms to accelerate belonging at Airbnb. Her other roles include angel investor, Sequoia Scout, where she has invested in over 10 early-stage startups. Theresa earned a BS, MS and PhD in engineering from Stanford University. During her PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford, she focused on satellite and space plasma computational physics.

Research as Praxis: Researching Up: Studying People and Institutions of Power

This workshop series is designed for Stanford graduate students interested in learning more about and developing their skills in community-engaged scholarship and community-based research. Invited speakers include leaders and practitioners across disciplinary fields. Sessions will be held over lunch. Please check the website for location confirmation:

Please RSVP here for an accurate headcount for food.

Letters to a Young Engineer: Marissa West, Vehicle Chief Engineer (General Motors)

Marissa West is currently the Chief Engineer of the GMC Sierra Heavy Duty and the Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty Truck programs. As Vehicle Chief Engineer, West is leading the launch of GM’s all new heavy duty pick-up trucks which entails leading a large team of engineers across multiple functions to design, engineer and bring to market an incredibly important product with volumes of almost 300,000 units annually.


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