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Diversity Works: Social Identity, Cultural Humility, and You--Leadership Skills for Today

VPGE and the Office for Inclusion, Belonging and Intergroup Communication (IBIC) present Social Identity, Cultural Humility, and You: Leadership Skills for Today. This workshop explores social identity and how it shapes our perceptions, experiences, and interactions. During this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of promising practices for becoming inclusive leaders, including breaking the prejudice habit, cultural humility, and micro-inclusions.

Graduate Public Service Fellowship Information Session

Are you a graduate student doing community-based research or are you interested in research that you want to apply to help solve community problems? Are you interested in being a part of an interdisciplinary network of graduate students committed to critical public scholarship, social justice, and the public good?

Apply for the Graduate Public Service Fellowship for graduate students interested in community-based work and research for the public good!

Join us for an info session on the GPS program where we will answer your questions about the program and GPS community.

EDGE Workshop: Faculty Perspectives: Balancing the Multiple Demands & Expectations of Graduate School

Optimizing your graduate school experience is all about striking a good balance between the demands of coursework, TAing/teaching, and research and/or finding an advisor. It can be difficult to figure out where to put your time and effort in the face of multiple demands and expectations. Especially in your first years, you may wonder how to decode what's important from what's urgent and how to know if you are 'on the right' track to making good progress. 

STS Beyond the Classroom: Meet our Director Professor Paul Edwards

Please join us for an informal chat with our STS Director, Professor Paul Edwards, William J. Perry Fellow, Center for International Security and Cooperation and Professor of Information and History (Emeritus), University of Michigan.

This is a great opportunity to ask and learn about career paths, academic research, and what STS really looks like beyond the classroom.


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