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3 - 8 hours

AI Ethics, Policy, and Governance

HAI's October 28-29 conference on AI Ethics, Policy, and Governance at Stanford University will convene experts and leaders from academia, industry, civil society, and government to explore critical and emerging issues related to understanding and guiding AI's human and societal impact. Through plenary discussions, breakout sessions, and workshops we will explore the latest research, delve into case studies, illuminate best practices, and build a global community of research, policy, and practice committed to ensuring that AI benefits humanity. 

Questions to be addressed include:

The Fundamentals of Teaching: What are they, and how do I use them?

Stanford's ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) chapter is hosting its annual spring colloquium. This year's colloquium addresses "The Fundamentals of Teaching" through a keynote presentation, a sequence of interactive workshops facilitated by teaching experts, and a panel discussion about applications, results, and challenges of fundamentals.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Kimberly Tanner (SFSU)


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