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Cover Letters for Positions Beyond Academia (All PhDs & Postdocs)

Your cover letter must briefly and succinctly convey your expertise, experience, and fit to the job search committee. How can you make the most out of this document so that it catches the attention of HR departments? This workshop will deconstruct the cover letter for industry and non-profit job applications, and provide examples of successful ones. This hands-on, interactive workshop is geared towards PhDs and Postdocs who plan on graduating this year. Please bring your laptop and a job description for a position that you would like to apply to. A light lunch will be served.

(All PhDs & Postdocs) Writing a Compelling Teaching Statement

Writing effectively about your teaching is an important skill that you will need for the academic job search, grant submissions, and your future academic position. In this workshop, led by Dr. Mariatte Denman from VPTL, we will discuss a range of conceptual and organizational principles that will help you to organize your reflections and thoughts about teaching in order to write a compelling teaching statement. We will also analyze real examples of teaching statements.

(All PhDs & Postdocs) Crafting a Persuasive Research Statement

When applying to Faculty positions, your research statement must convince a hiring committee that your research is timely, important, and fundable. This Meetup by Dr. Meg Formato from the Hume Center for Speaking and Writing will provide examples of successful research statements as well as exercises to help you explain your projects in concise, non-specialist language.

You can register on Handshake.

(All PhDs & Postdocs) Academic CV Lab

The Academic CV Lab is an interactive meetup which gives you the chance to have your CV critiqued by other peers under the guidance of a career coach. There will be a brief discussion on general CV principles and a review of some basic sample resumes before breaking into small groups for feedback. A career coach will answer any questions that you may have regarding your CV. Send a copy of your CV to one day prior to the lab so that copies can be made ahead of time.


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