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recognizing and appreciating a wide range of cultural and global perspectives

Bridging Sectors: Explore Jobs in Impact Investing

Come learn about the exciting and rapidly growing industry of impact investing. Panelists will explain how they generate social and environmental impact alongside financial returns, and offer advice to students interested in exploring this field. 

  • Carol Malnick, Senior Vice President for West Coast of Boston Common Asset Management
  • Amon Anderson, ’15 MBA, Associate Director of San Francisco Acumen
  • Nicolle Richards, ’16, Impact Analyst at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Tracy Chou: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

Join us for a conversation with Tracy Chou, Founding Member of Project Include and The Arena. Alongside her engineering career, Chou is most well-known for her work pushing for diversity in tech. In 2013, she helped to kick off the wave of tech company diversity data disclosures with a Github repository, collecting numbers on women in engineering. She was an engineer and tech lead at Pinterest and an early engineer at Quora. She was also on reserve with the U.S. Digital Service as a technical consultant.

Negotiation and Influence Deadline

No matter how excellent your ideas, most significant achievements require the ability to communicate with and influence others. This workshop examines the theory, research, and practice of negotiation across a variety of settings. It provides multiple opportunities for students to develop negotiation skills through role-plays, exercises, and useful analytical frameworks.


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