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recognizing and appreciating a wide range of cultural and global perspectives

Fellows Forum: Take the Wheel and be the Driver of Your Graduate Education

Navigate through grad school with the Graduate Professional Development (GPD) Framework - also known as the "VPGE Wheel". You’ll walk away from this interactive workshop with a tailored list of campus resources and learning experiences to help you make the most of your time in grad school, succeed academically, and prepare for your career beyond Stanford.

Break Through: Women in Silicon Valley, Womenomics in Japan

Gender inequality in the workplace is still a reality and an issue that must be tackled head-on in Silicon Valley and Japan. In 2017, the World Economic Forum reported for the first time in 10 years, a widening of the global gender gap. Numerous efforts to break this cycle have been announced and implemented to varying degrees of success in both countries making it clear that we must do more, together.

Stanford Summer Human Rights Series: Borders of Personhood: Migration, Human Rights, and Sovereignty

About the Event

“Human” and “person” are terms taken to be synonymous in everyday language, but “person” is also a legal term reserved for those entitled to rights and designating a status historically denied to various categories of human beings (e.g., slaves, women). The international human rights framework attempts to break with that historical record by declaring that every human being shall be recognized as a person equal before the law.

"Here and Now - Moving Toward Justice" The 2018 Sally Dickson Lecture on Diversity, Inclusion and Reflection

The Third Annual Sally Dickson Lecture on Diversity, Inclusion and Reflection will feature Lateefah Simon, a nationally acclaimed civil rights and social justice activist and community organizer. Simon is currently president of the Akonadi Foundation, an Oakland-based organization dedicated to racial justice, leadership, intersectionality and cultural expression.

Joshua Hoffman: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

Join us for a conversation with Joshua Hoffman, CEO and Co-Founder of biotech company Zymergen. Prior to Zymergen, Hoffman was a partner at Norcob Capital and a managing director in merchant banking at Rothschild, where he served on the management committee. He began his career at McKinsey & Company, where he served industrial and technology clients on matters of strategy, operations and organization.

Hoffman earned a B.A. in social sciences from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree from Yale University.


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