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promoting inclusion, belonging, and community

Negotiation and Influence Deadline

No matter how excellent your ideas, most significant achievements require the ability to communicate with and influence others. This workshop examines the theory, research, and practice of negotiation across a variety of settings. It provides multiple opportunities for students to develop negotiation skills through role-plays, exercises, and useful analytical frameworks.

Application deadline is 11:55 PM; Sunday, May 8, 2016.

Diversity Works- Implicit Bias: What is it and do I have it?

Join our Diversity Works discussion "Implicit Bias: What is it and do I have it?" with Joseph Brown. 

Unconscious biases can affect our judgments and behaviors toward some social groups. Through an implicit bias activity, we will discover the attitudes that we have all learned by virtue of living in our society and find out what we can do about them.

Bring your laptop to participate in the activity during the workshop.

Just Mercy: Race and the Criminal Justice System

Bryan Stevenson, acclaimed public interest lawyer and founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, will deliver the 2016 Anne and Loren Kieve Distinguished Speaker Lecture at a joint event sponsored by the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE) and OpenXChange on Wednesday, Jan. 13, in Cemex Auditorium. The Anne and Loren Kieve Distinguished Speaker Fund annually brings leading scholars, public intellectuals, and artists to address the Stanford community on vital issues relating to race and ethnicity.

More Than a Few Good Men: American Manhood and Violence Against Women

Join the Clayman Institute for a presentation by the world-renowned gender issues and sexual assault expert Dr. Jackson Katz. The talk will tackle the difficulty of encouraging men to attend programs on sex and gender issues, as well as moving past defensiveness on the subject of gender violence. One aspect that will be focused on is educating men about these issues while avoiding placing the blame on them for centuries of sexism and oppression.

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

How can you create learning experiences where all students feel included and comfortable participating? In this workshop, we’ll discuss the unique challenges of various disciplinary areas and class formats, and what you can do to motivate the learning of all students in your classes.   Please join this lively discussion lead by Jennifer Randall Crosby, Ph.D., and Gloriana Trujillo, Ph.D.

Workshop on Transpedagogy and Engaging Today's Learners with Dr. Susan Stryker

To build on the discussions FGSS started around transpedagogy last quarter, Dr. Stryker will talk about the work she has done at the University of Arizona to implement a Transgender Studies program, including the creation of four tenure-track lines and developing a trans studies curriculum. She will focus on pedagogical tips, reaching today’s learners, and engaging with trans topics in the classroom. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a leader in the field and ask any questions you may have about addressing trans students, engaging students in academics on trans topics, etc.

12@12 / 12@6: Deadline

Wondering what other graduate students are thinking?  Interested in discussing "big questions" with a diverse group of students?

Apply to join a 12@12 or 12@6 group!

Over lunch at 12 noon, or dinner at 6 PM, 12 students and a faculty or staff facilitator choose complex real-world questions to discuss over five meetings. This open-ended format appeals to students who enjoy tackling gnarly questions and who are open to challenges to their own worldviews.

WISE Inspirations Network at Stanford (WINS) Speaker Series: Arlene Blum

The WISE Inspirations Network at Stanford (WINS) aims to create an engaged Stanford network linking women graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and alumnae in STEM fields, and their allies and advocates, through regular meetings and communications. WINS aims to provide all with opportunities to learn from a diverse array of stand-out women in science and engineering about the realities of their lives and work, successes and lessons learned, and to connect individuals with a network of potential mentors, protégés, and other colleagues.


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