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presenting in a public or professional forum, such as at a conference

Fellows Forum: Commanding the Room - Effective Q&A Skills

Going from the monologue of a presentation to the dialog of a Q&A session can be daunting and anxiety provoking. In this workshop, you will learn specific techniques that can help you confidently handle questions and the Q&A process.

Matt Abrahams, lecturer, Organizational Behavior, Graduate School of Business

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Open to SGF and NSF Fellows. Registration link and event details will be provided in the invitation. 

Presenting a Memorable Academic Job Talk (All PhDs & Postdocs)

Giving a successful job talk requires more than simply knowing your topic inside and out. In this interactive session, Helen Lie from the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, shares strategies that you can use to engage your audience and give an effective job talk. Includes structuring your talk, effective delivery of your talk, principles of visual design for your slides, and academic job talk tips. A light lunch will be provided.

You can register on Handshake.

The Effective Use of Visual Aids in the Classroom

We know that visuals aids have the potential to lift a lecture or a presentation to the next level - visuals can aid in comprehension and retention and help reach visual learners.  However, we also know that visual aids can serve as a distraction for an audience.  So how do we find that sweet spot where our visuals are maximally helpful and minimally hurtful?  In this workshop, we will discuss techniques for creating successful visuals and which visuals might work best in a given setting. While we will focus mostly on slideware, attention will also be paid to the effective use of alternativ


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