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Managing people & projects

Fellows Forum: Mentoring Others in Research - Don't Be a Tormentor!

Are you taking on a mentoring role in your research group? Have you been asked to work with undergrads or junior grad students? This interactive workshop will give you practical skills and tools to prepare for a happy and productive mentoring relationship. Come ready to learn about yourself and how you can become an inspiring and effective research mentor – not a tormentor!

Helen J. Doyle, PhDassociate vice provost for graduate education, VPGE

Quick Bytes: Managing Up: How to Build Relationships

Is managing up stressing you out? Keep calm and learn how to build successful relationships when managing up. Whether you’ll be spending your summer doing research or an internship, or preparing for or diving into a new job, get yourself ready by improving your understanding of how to manage up. Managing up, or knowing how to work effectively with those above you, is a valuable and necessary skill in any position.

Quick Bytes: Listen Up!

What if there was a way to instantly improve all of your relationships, whether your relationship with colleagues, your family, or a significant other? What if there was a simple way to be more persuasive and get what you wanted? What if you could take all the challenging people in your life, and make them more understanding? In this fast-paced and interactive workshop, Matt Vassar, the creator of the popular ENGR 103/203 Public Speaking course, will guide you through listening techniques to help you succeed.

Matt Vassar, lecturer, School of Engineering

Communication Matters: Application Deadline

In this highly interactive, three-session workshop, you will increase awareness of your communication habits and have an opportunity to test new ways of interacting that better meet your goals and needs.

Application deadline is 11:55 PM; Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Application is closed. 

Open and relevant to graduate students at any stage in any discipline or degree. Space is limited. Due to the workshop's interactive format, full participation in all three sessions is required.

Turbocharge Your Writing

Would you like to know the secret to high-output, low-stress scholarly writing? In academia, it is often assumed that writing comes naturally. However, an overwhelming body of research shows that there are very clear and practical strategies that can greatly increase your writing productivity.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will help you to understand:

Turbocharge Your Writing: Deadline

Hugh Kearns is one of the world’s leading experts on graduate student success. He has written ten books on this topic and had three articles published in the journal Nature. He lectures at the top universities around the world and in March he returns to Stanford to provide proven strategies for turbocharging your writing.

This workshop will help you to understand:

Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Research Students

This workshop describes the key habits that our research and experience with thousands of students shows will make a difference to how quickly and easily you complete your research degree. Just as importantly, these habits can greatly reduce the stress and increase the pleasure involved in completing a PhD.

Open and relevant to graduate students at any stage in any discipline or degree. Space is limited.


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