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leading, influencing, and inspiring individuals and groups

Quick Bytes: Speaking Up Without Freaking Out

The fear of public speaking ranks amongst the top fears out there. But there is hope! You can learn many foundational techniques to help you feel and appear more confident. Come learn about several such practical tips to apply to your public speaking for both in person and online presentations.

Matt Abrahams, lecturer in organizational behavior, Graduate School of Business

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Fireside Chat with Dean Minor & Melissa Bondy on Health Equity and Precision & Population Health

Join Professor Melissa Bondy, Stanford Medicine Discovery Professor and Professor and Chair of Stanford's Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, for a virtual fireside chat with Stanford School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor as they discuss new directions in health equity. They will explore the potential of precision and population health to reduce racial health inequalities, address COVID-19 disparities, and improve health outcomes in developing economies.

Quick Bytes: Exercising Influence

To be successful as a graduate student, regardless of discipline, influence skills are key! In this introductory session, you will examine the unique challenges you face, your strengths as an influencer and apply a behavioral influence model that will help you develop the flexibility you need to help move your ideas into action by stimulating others to support, allow, provide resources for, or participate actively in your initiatives. Come prepared to participate in this engaging session!

Mentorship: A Conversation with John Simpson, Paul Yock and Kate Garrett

The venerable Oxford English Dictionary defines a mentor as “a person who offers support and guidance to another.” But what is mentorship exactly? What do mentors do, and how do they shape lives and careers?Please join us for the first in a series of conversations hosted by the Silicon Valley Archives. The topic is mentorship. Three distinguished leaders in the field of medical technology with interlinked mentoring relationships will speak.


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