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interviewing effectively in different settings

Academic Job Search: Presenting a Memorable Academic Job Talk (PhDs & Postdocs)

Giving a successful job talk requires more than simply knowing your topic inside and out. In this interactive session, Helen Lie from the Oral Communication Program, shares strategies that you can use to engage your audience and give an effective job talk. Includes structuring your talk, effective delivery of your talk, principles of visual design for your slides, and academic job talk tips. There will be opportunities to practice your own speaking.

Interview Lab for Positions Beyond Academia (PhDs & Postdocs)

The Interview Lab is an interactive meetup for you to learn about and practice interviewing techniques for jobs outside of academia. Learn what employers are looking for in an interview and how to handle a variety of questions, including behavioral questions. We’ll discuss and practice how to market the many skills and experiences you’ve gained during your graduate studies or postdoc and you will work with peers to develop the questions you want to ask.

Academic Job Search: Tackling Teaching Statements and Demonstrations (PhDs & Postdocs)

What makes for effective teaching documents? You will review examples of statements from successful job seekers. You will begin to identify the points you want to make and the examples you want to use. We will also discuss how to provide "evidence of teaching excellence" and succeeding at the "teaching demonstration." Even if none of the colleges and universities to which you apply ask for a separate teaching statement, the thinking that you do about your teaching as you draft a teaching statement, will strengthen your cover letters and interviews. This workshop is presented by Dr.

Building Your Interviewing Skills- Engineering and SE3 Undergrad and Masters students

Interviewing: This session covers all areas of interviewing including phone, Skype or Zoom, in person and your 2nd or 3rd round company visit. We will practice answering common interview questions, and share a 3-step process to best express your up-to-date experience and skills as they relate to the employers’ needs.

Career Coworking Days - (H&S Undergrads & Master's)

Bring questions about your resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and anything related to your path to meaningful work. Bring your laptops to work directly on your documents and job/internship searches and connect with other H&S students. A career coach or coaches and industry specialists will be available for questions. (Note that if it's busy, you may need to wait to have your questions answered.) This is for declared bachelor's and master's students in the School of Humanities & Sciences.

Quick Bytes: Interviewing: How to Shine the Entire Time

From phone screenings to Skype calls to multi-day onsite visits, the interviewing stage of your job search can be daunting. This interactive session will give you the tools and practice to bring your best to interviews.

Urmila Venkatesh, assistant dean of Career Education & associate director of Career Communities - PhDs & Postdocs in Social & Natural Sciences, BEAM

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