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Exploring career options

Champion a Cause: Jobs in the Field of Advocacy

Want to fight for an issue you care about as a career? Come hear from our advocate panelists who will share how they have drawn upon purposeful collective action to influence government policy, business practices, and cultural norms. Panelists will share their personal experiences in the community organizing and social movement space, and offer tips to students looking to pursue advocacy as an avenue of social change in their careers.

Career Coworking Days - (H&S Undergrads & Master's)

Bring questions about your resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and anything related to your path to meaningful work. Bring your laptops to work directly on your documents and job/internship searches and connect with other H&S students. A career coach or coaches and industry specialists will be available for questions. (Note that if it's busy, you may need to wait to have your questions answered.) This is for declared bachelor's and master's students in the School of Humanities & Sciences.

Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Network (PhDs & Postdocs)

We'll share strategies to get the most out of LinkedIn by building a dynamic profile and utilizing unique LinkedIn features to find connections. This is an interactive lab, so bring your laptop! During this session, learn how to: - Ensure that your profile shows up in the search results - Leverage LinkedIn to research career paths - Identify organizations where you have inside connections

Fellows Forum: Networking for Academic and Professional Success

Networking is a skill that will help you be more successful as a grad student and throughout your career. But for many, the idea of “networking” seems difficult or unpleasant. In this interactive workshop, you will learn easy steps that you can implement now to build, maintain, and activate your network. You can then practice what you learn at the reception immediately following the workshop. Bring a pen, a open mind, and an appetite.

Chris Golde, PhD, assistant director of Career Communities for PhDs & Postdocs, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Connecting with Leaders: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Community Building

The Connecting with Leaders program is an opportunity for students to connect with established leaders who will share their knowledge, wisdom, and sense of community. The event will present five distinguished leader fellows from the Distinguished Careers Institute in a panel discussion, followed by an informal Q&A, and a reception for networking opportunities. Among the five highlighted fellows, other selected fellows will be in attendance eager to meet graduate students and build connections.

Negotiation and Influence Deadline

No matter how excellent your ideas, most significant achievements require the ability to communicate with and influence others. This workshop examines the theory, research, and practice of negotiation across a variety of settings. It provides multiple opportunities for students to develop negotiation skills through role-plays, exercises, and useful analytical frameworks.

Careers in Washington, DC

Stanford undergraduate and graduate students are invited to meet with Stanford alumni who studied international relations and area studies and now work in Washington, DC. These three professionals will discuss how their academic backgrounds are relevant to their current work and provide tips on how to pursue a career in the U.S. Capitol. This workshop is part of a series of career development workshops hosted by the Stanford Global Studies Division


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