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Developing leadership & entrepreneurial skills

Break Through: Women in Silicon Valley, Womenomics in Japan

Gender inequality in the workplace is still a reality and an issue that must be tackled head-on in Silicon Valley and Japan. In 2017, the World Economic Forum reported for the first time in 10 years, a widening of the global gender gap. Numerous efforts to break this cycle have been announced and implemented to varying degrees of success in both countries making it clear that we must do more, together.

Steve Vassallo: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

Join us for a conversation with Steve Vassallo, General Partner at Foundation Capital. He began at Foundation Capital in 2007 from Ning, a social platform he helped launch in 2004 and where he was vice president of product and engineering. Before Ning, Vassallo was director of engineering at Immersion. Previously, he was a project leader and design engineer at IDEO, where he developed more than a dozen successful products for companies including Cisco, Nike, BMW, Steelcase, McDonalds and Caterpillar.

Lisa Alderson: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

Join us for a conversation with Lisa Alderson, Co-Founder and CEO of Genome Medical, a digital health company. She is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with experience in strategy, business development, marketing, product management and operations. Her expertise includes identifying, negotiating and closing strategic partnerships and raising capital for early-stage companies.

Gabe Parisi-Amon: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

Join us for a conversation with Gabe Parisi-Amon, Co-Founder, CTO and COO of Nebia.He leads the Nebia team, consisting of world-class thermo and mechanical engineers, industrial designers and brand builders that have created The Nebia Shower, an environmentally conscious product that allows for up to 70 percent water savings. Prior to his work at Nebia, Parisi-Amon was a global supply manager at Apple and head of development at an Italian startup.

He received a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Joshua Hoffman: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

Join us for a conversation with Joshua Hoffman, CEO and Co-Founder of biotech company Zymergen. Prior to Zymergen, Hoffman was a partner at Norcob Capital and a managing director in merchant banking at Rothschild, where he served on the management committee. He began his career at McKinsey & Company, where he served industrial and technology clients on matters of strategy, operations and organization.

Hoffman earned a B.A. in social sciences from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree from Yale University.

Chip Heath: The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

Join us for a conversation with Chip Heath, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Heath’s research focuses on what makes ideas succeed in the social marketplace and how people design messages to make them stick. Out of his research, he designed a course, How to Make Ideas Stick, that’s now a popular elective at Stanford, and has been taught to hundreds of students, as well as managers, teachers, nonprofit leaders, doctors, journalists, venture capitalists, product designers and film producers.

Fellows Forum: Negotiating to Improve Results

Increase your mastery of negotiation as a life skill used every day in academic, business and personal situations in this fast-paced workshop. We will explore the competitive and collaborative tensions present in most negotiations and identify tools for maximizing outcomes while respecting and maintaining healthy relationships. We will also discuss and practice different approaches to influencing others, with attention to the psychology that underlies effective persuasion in a negotiation.

Jessica Notini, lecturer, Stanford Law School

Quick Bytes: Managing Up: How to Build Relationships

Is managing up stressing you out? Keep calm and learn how to build successful relationships when managing up. Whether you’ll be spending your summer doing research or an internship, or preparing for or diving into a new job, get yourself ready by improving your understanding of how to manage up. Managing up, or knowing how to work effectively with those above you, is a valuable and necessary skill in any position.

Quick Bytes: Listen Up!

What if there was a way to instantly improve all of your relationships, whether your relationship with colleagues, your family, or a significant other? What if there was a simple way to be more persuasive and get what you wanted? What if you could take all the challenging people in your life, and make them more understanding? In this fast-paced and interactive workshop, Matt Vassar, the creator of the popular ENGR 103/203 Public Speaking course, will guide you through listening techniques to help you succeed.

Matt Vassar, lecturer, School of Engineering


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