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developing self-awareness and self-knowledge

Procrastination: A workshop for grad students

"Procrastination is the thief of time." —Edward Young Procrastination can feel like a major hurdle to overcome throughout your graduate and professional career. You are not alone! Procrastination is a vicious cycle that we all suffer from time to time. In this workshop we will discuss: why we procrastinate, what it really means when we do, and how our brains are involved. We’ll also cover effective ways to restructure your life and schedule to minimize procrastination and increase motivation.


The Office for Religious Life’s Center for Inter-Religious Community, Learning and Experiences (CIRCLE) offers a safe haven for worship, ritual, meditation, reflection, and spiritual and intellectu

Ignite: The Power of Motivation: Session 3

Motivation is often misunderstood as a force driven by a system of rewards and punishments. However, the latest research shows it's much more dependent on cultivating meaning, purpose, task mastery, and freedom of choice. In this course students will uncover the keys inside themselves to ignite the power of their motivation at school and their life.

Open to all current Stanford graduate students, space is limited.


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