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developing self-awareness and self-knowledge

Quick Bytes: Top Tips to Manage Graduate Life

Learn how to manage graduate life with a positive attitude and productive work habits from two campus experts. Whether you’re a new grad student or just want a refresher to start off the year, this fast-paced session is worth your time.

John Boothroyd, PhD, associate vice provost for graduate education, VPGE, and professor, Microbiology and Immunology

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Anika Green, assistant vice provost for graduate education, VPGE

Becoming Fearless: A Brave New Workshop with Lou Hamilton, author of Brave New Girl: How to Be Fearless

“How to be Fearless came out of all the coaching I was doing. Every single person that comes, no matter what they say they’re coming with, underneath it’s always fear.” –Lou Hamilton

Fear takes many forms, and when we listen to it, it can hold us back from living the kind of life we want for ourselves. But what if we could silence that fear, or even better, learn to fight back?

Let's Have an Awesome Time Doing Science

Let's Have an Awesome Time Doing Science:Discussions On Getting the Most Out of a Challenging Career

This symposium brings high-profile, thoughtful researchers to speak to students and postdocs on subjects that aren't addressed often enough but are crucial to our development and well-being as scientists. Each speaker (list follows) will highlight one or more of the themes below as a starting point to describing a set of philosophies and approaches to science. This concept has been adapted from a similar event at UC Berkeley's campus.

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