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building resilience to manage stress and challenges

Flourishing: The Art and Science of a Life Well Lived Deadline

What is human flourishing and how do we practice it in an age of hyper-complexity and ever-accelerating pace? You will engage with these questions by studying, discussing, and applying research on the psychological, emotional, and social factors that promote a life well lived.

Open and relevant to graduate students at any stage in any discipline or degree. Space is limited. Due to the workshop's interactive format, full participation in both sessions is required.

Quick Bytes: Project Management Tools for Your Life

Do deadlines sneak up on you and your priorities seem unclear? Do you ever find yourself procrastinating on small tasks when you know you have a massive project that needs to be tackled? Learn some simple tools that you can use to make sure that you're working on the right things at the right time. Because there will always be more than you can do.

Linnea Williams, customer experience manager, Stanford Web Services

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CBD 2017: Carillon Concert and Quiet Contemplation

SAVE THE DATE - Carillon Concert and Quiet Contemplation - Friday, November 3rd.

The Hoover carillon bells ring again this year to signal the university’s commitment to emotional well-being. All members of the Stanford community are encouraged to pause, reflect and take time to unwind. Gather in Dorhmann Grove, the Oval Ear and/or Meyer Green Lawn to share the concert and contemplative pause together as a community. You may also enjoy the experience by pausing wherever you are on or off campus. Concert by Stanford’s carillonneur Timothy Zerlang.

Quick Bytes: Top Tips to Manage Graduate Life

Learn how to manage graduate life with a positive attitude and productive work habits from two campus experts. Whether you’re a new grad student or just want a refresher to start off the year, this fast-paced session is worth your time.

John Boothroyd, PhD, associate vice provost for graduate education, VPGE, and professor, Microbiology and Immunology

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Anika Green, assistant vice provost for graduate education, VPGE

Becoming Fearless: A Brave New Workshop with Lou Hamilton, author of Brave New Girl: How to Be Fearless

“How to be Fearless came out of all the coaching I was doing. Every single person that comes, no matter what they say they’re coming with, underneath it’s always fear.” –Lou Hamilton

Fear takes many forms, and when we listen to it, it can hold us back from living the kind of life we want for ourselves. But what if we could silence that fear, or even better, learn to fight back?

Let's Have an Awesome Time Doing Science

Let's Have an Awesome Time Doing Science:Discussions On Getting the Most Out of a Challenging Career

This symposium brings high-profile, thoughtful researchers to speak to students and postdocs on subjects that aren't addressed often enough but are crucial to our development and well-being as scientists. Each speaker (list follows) will highlight one or more of the themes below as a starting point to describing a set of philosophies and approaches to science. This concept has been adapted from a similar event at UC Berkeley's campus.

Speaker Information


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