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building resilience to manage stress and challenges

Emotional Intelligence: Session 1

This hands-on workshop will complement what you are learning in your department, preparing you to use the skills of emotional intelligence in your career and life.

Open to all current Stanford graduate students, space is limited.

If selected, participants will be required to submit a $50 deposit check made out to Stanford University.  Participants must attend all three sessions and checks will be returned upon successful completion of all sessions. Instructions for submitting the deposit will be included with the notification information.


Quick Bytes: Time Management

Discover how to better manage the many demands you face as a graduate student. Learn tools and techniques to create priorities, to reduce time-wasters, and to complete important work. By increasing your energy and sharpening your focus toward the right things at the right time, finish your days with a greater sense of accomplishment.

Sue Brenner, PMP, PCC, Practical Productivity Solutions, Inc.; Professional Development Instructor for Stanford

"Mindsets: Helping All Fulfill Their Potential," a WISE Research Roundtable featuring Carol S. Dweck

Carol S. Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor, Stanford University, and author, Mindset, will discuss the ways in which mindsets — of students, of faculty, and of others — affect individual motivation and achievement. She will present new research on how praise and encouragement affect students' mindsets, as well as on interventions that teach students a growth mindset.

Quick Bytes: Developing Resilience and Bouncing Back

Understand how you can develop the resilience you need to thrive in graduate school. Resilience helps you bounce back in the face of life’s challenges, whether these challenges are getting a poor grade, breaking-up with a significant other, battling illness, or taking on any number of other tough events. 

Aneel Chima, administrative and teaching fellow, Stanford Wellness Education Project

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