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building resilience to manage stress and challenges

Quick Bytes: The Rest of Your Life: Why The Soothing System May Be the Key to Increased Intelligence, Creativity and Compassion

When you are not working do you feel “lazy?” Do you remember when the “break” in Winter Break or Summer Break meant something? Did you know that there is more than one type of rest and ironically, not all of them leave you feeling rested? Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the integrative nature of wholesome time off and how it just might make you better at work while increasing the quality of the REST of your life.

Quick Bytes: Managing Triggers and Loving Well: Strengthening Relationships with Self and Others

Do you find yourself reacting, internalizing, lashing out, or avoiding when it comes to the difficult (and important) conversations in life?  This workshop is designed to help you better understand yourself so you can communicate more effectively with others.  We’ll talk about automatic thoughts, the importance of language, and how to use mindfulness as a means to choose more skillful ways of communicating with yourself and others.  

Sarah Meyer Tapia, MA, associate director, Division of Health & Human Performance

Quick Bytes: Speaking Up Without Freaking Out

The fear of public speaking ranks amongst the top fears out there. But there is hope! You can learn many foundational techniques to help you feel and appear more confident. Come learn about several such practical tips to apply to your public speaking for both in person and online presentations.

Matt Abrahams, lecturer in organizational behavior, Graduate School of Business

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