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Behaving ethically & with professional integrity

Myths, Mindsets, and Deep Learning in Higher Education: Better Ways for All to Succeed in Learning Mathematics

Stanford students, despite their high achievement in many areas, experience varying degrees of “math anxiety.” New research has found that the highest-achieving students have the most striking negative relationship between math anxiety and performance. Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education in the Graduate School of Education, investigates causes and remedies of students’ negative experiences with mathematics at all levels.

Engaging Allies: The 2017 Sally Dickson Lecture on Diversity, Inclusion and Reflection

Tim Wise, nationally renowned essayist, author of several books including White Lies Matter and educator and a prominent voice on racism, inequality and white privilege, will be the keynote speaker for the 2017 Sally Dickson Lecture on Diversity, Inclusion and Reflection. The theme of the lecture is “Bridges Over Troubled Waters – Engaging Allies in Times of Crisis.”

The evening also will include a panel discussion and a post-event reception. 

Panel Discussion

Quick Bytes: Building Effective, Authentic Relationships

Interpersonal competency is a leadership skill that is needed for professional success in our interconnected world. It is also important for your health and well-being, as we are wired for connection. Come learn strategies and engage in exercises that enhance your interpersonal competency and lead to building effective relationships.

Hendrika (Pien) van den Herik, senior facilitator, Interpersonal Dynamics, Stanford GSB; co-instructor, Emotional Intelligence, Stanford HR

Quick Bytes: Interviewing...How to Shine, Not Sweat

From phone screenings to Skype calls to multi-day onsite visits, the interviewing stage of your job search can cause a lot of stress. Learn and practice how NOT to crash and burn at a job interview in this interactive session.

Arne Bakker, PhD, assistant dean of Career Education & associate director of Career Communities - PhDs & Postdocs in Social & Natural Sciences

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Race, Policing, and Public Health Symposium

This symposium aims to highlight the important research being done across interdisciplinary fields on race and law enforcement and the public health impact of police violence against minority groups.

Join participants from academia, government, private, and non-profit sectors to generate new modes of thinking about these interconnected issues and to prepare a call to action for funding and research priorities. 

Hidden inequities in active learning classrooms: How groups of students are differentially impacted by active learning

In response to calls for implementing active learning in college-level STEM courses, classrooms across the country are being transformed from instructor centered to student centered. Sara Brownell, neuroscientist turned full-time education researcher, will discuss recent work examining the experiences of women and LGBTQIA students in active learning classrooms, including small group discussions.


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