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Applying digital & multimedia tools

Quick Bytes: Developing Your Professional Digital Presence: ePortfolios

What are the variety of ways to develop your professional digital presence, and what unique opportunities does digital media afford you? Learn the steps to telling your professional story online and why this matters in the digital age.

Helen L. ChenPhD, director, ePortfolio Initiatives and research scientist, Designing Education Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering


CBD 2019: Body Mapping Workshop with Cari Costanzo, PhD

Body Mapping is a creative tool that combines self-reflection with artistic expression to develop a visual ‘map’ of one’s life story. In this workshop, a partner will trace an outline of your body onto a life-size canvas or paper. Guided by a meditation designed to honor your past, present, and future, you will use paint, photos, words, collage and other materials to represent visually the central embodied experiences of your life.

Quick Bytes: Effective Slide Design and Delivery - Strategies for Maximizing Your Impact

Take your presentations from blasé to bold in this interactive session on slide design and delivery. You’ll learn how to avoid the most common complaints about presentation slides, practice embodiment and vocalization strategies for improving your clarity, authenticity and impact, and produce and share a few slides of your own. The techniques offered in this workshop can be used to enhance audience understanding and attention across fields.

Zandra L. Jordan, PhD, MDiv, MAT, director, Hume Center for Writing and Speaking


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