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Level 3

Accelerate Your Academic Job Search: Negotiation [Session 8 of 8] (PhDs & Postdocs)

The final stage of the job search is negotiating the terms of your appointment so that you can thrive. These "negotiations" are not adversarial, instead we use the framing of "collaborative problem solving." We will discuss the conventional steps of the process of negotiating the details of a faculty job offer and review all of the things you can ask for, including salary, teaching, and research start-up funds. You will also learn how to navigate multiple offers. Sign up for each of the eight sessions SEPARATELY.

Accelerate Your Academic Job Search: Cover Letter Lab [Session 7 of 8] (PhDs & Postdocs)

The cover letter introduces you to the committee and connects your accomplishments to their job announcement. In this session we will briefly review tips for writing cover letters, and then you will be able to work on your actual cover letters. You will get feedback from career coaches and from peers. Bring your laptop, drafts of letters, and the job announcements you are responding to. Sign up for each of the eight sessions SEPARATELY.

Accelerate Your Academic Job Search: Teaching Statements [Session 6 of 8] (PhDs & Postdocs)

 What makes an effective teaching statement? You will review examples of statements from successful job seekers. You will begin to identify the points you want to make and the examples you want to use. We will also discuss how to provide "evidence of teaching excellence" and succeeding at the "teaching demonstration." Sign up for each of the eight sessions SEPARATELY.

Accelerate Your Academic Job Search: Research Statement [Session 5 of 8] (PhDs & Postdocs)

THThis session is focused on the Research Statement. This document is required at research-focused, and often also at teaching-focused universities. You will learn about what makes an effective statement and have the opportunity to get started on your own. Sign up for each of the eight sessions SEPARATELY. If you attend at least seven sessions of the entire series, then you will receive a free copy of the "Academic Job Search Handbook." If one or more sessions are not of interest, you are not obligated to attend them, although we think you will learn at all of them.

Accelerate Your Academic Job Search: Interviewing [Session 4 of 8] (PhDs & Postdocs)

Are you planning to enter the job market for a faculty position? These sessions will help you prepare yourself and your application materials. This is a series of eight sessions. We meet every Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 - 5:30 pm, July 22 - August 14. THIS IS THE REGISTRATION FOR SESSION #4: INTERVIEWING. This session covers all aspects of interviewing: phone, Skype, in person and during the campus visit. You will practice answering common interview questions. Everyone improves with practice! Sign up for each of the eight sessions SEPARATELY.

Silicon Valley Energy Summit 2019

Silicon Valley Energy Summit is the premier annual event for people in Silicon Valley and beyond connected with sustainable energy. Participants gain insights on the latest energy technologies, corporate practices, market trends and emerging government policies. They interact with more than 400 other participants from the world’s largest IT companies, Silicon Valley startups, investment funds, utilities, government, environmental organizations and research institutions.

3rd Annual Education Day

The Teaching and Mentoring Academy, in collaboration with the Clinical Teaching Skills Seminar, invites all members of the Stanford community to attend this free event. Workshops and plenaries will provide opportunities for skill-building and presentations of scholarship focused on both medical and bioscience education, including workshops on mentoring skills, using group work in class, creating gender-inclusive academic environments, maintaining healthy professional boundaries, and much more .

AI Ethics, Policy, and Governance

HAI's October 28-29 conference on AI Ethics, Policy, and Governance at Stanford University will convene experts and leaders from academia, industry, civil society, and government to explore critical and emerging issues related to understanding and guiding AI's human and societal impact. Through plenary discussions, breakout sessions, and workshops we will explore the latest research, delve into case studies, illuminate best practices, and build a global community of research, policy, and practice committed to ensuring that AI benefits humanity. 

Questions to be addressed include:

The Fundamentals of Teaching: What are they, and how do I use them?

Stanford's ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) chapter is hosting its annual spring colloquium. This year's colloquium addresses "The Fundamentals of Teaching" through a keynote presentation, a sequence of interactive workshops facilitated by teaching experts, and a panel discussion about applications, results, and challenges of fundamentals.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Kimberly Tanner (SFSU)


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