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Level 3

Negotiation Matters, Part II: Application Deadline

As noted in the description of Negotiation Matters, mastery of negotiation is a life skill in that we all negotiate every day with colleagues, bosses, domestic partners, friends, clients and many others. All classes are a dynamic mix of theory, demonstration, skills exercises and roleplay practice intended to increase your confidence and effectiveness in any negotiation you undertake.

(All PhDs & Postdocs) Academic Interview Lab

The Interview Lab is an interactive meetup with the aim to provide you the opportunity to learn about and practice interviewing techniques. An on-campus interview can be a demanding experience and a rewarding one. Learn both standard and unconventional strategies that will enable you to prepare effectively for an academic interview and avoid common pitfalls. We’ll discuss and practice how to market the many skills and experiences you’ve gained during your graduate studies. BEAM Career Coaches will be available to answer your questions during the Lab.

(All PhDs & Postdocs) Crafting a Persuasive Research Statement

When applying to Faculty positions, your research statement must convince a hiring committee that your research is timely, important, and fundable. This Meetup by Dr. Meg Formato from the Hume Center for Speaking and Writing will provide examples of successful research statements as well as exercises to help you explain your projects in concise, non-specialist language.

You can register on Handshake.

(All PhDs & Postdocs) Academic CV Lab

The Academic CV Lab is an interactive meetup which gives you the chance to have your CV critiqued by other peers under the guidance of a career coach. There will be a brief discussion on general CV principles and a review of some basic sample resumes before breaking into small groups for feedback. A career coach will answer any questions that you may have regarding your CV. Send a copy of your CV to one day prior to the lab so that copies can be made ahead of time.


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