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Learn with one other or small group

Effective Lectures and Presentations

Whether you are teaching or presenting your research, there will be times when you have to stand up in front of an audience and communicate your message effectively.  This session will cover classroom presentation skills with an emphasis on pedagogical strategies and the perspective of the learner.

Presenter: Thomas Freeland, Lecturer in the Oral Communication Program

Event Sponsor: Hume Center for Writing and Speaking and the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning

Writing to Learn: Evidenced-Based Best Practices and Practical Activities to Enhance Students' Engagement in your Course

As instructors, we know the value of assigning writing in our courses—it helps students grapple with new knowledge and learn discursive conventions in the field, and it helps instructors evaluate their students’ progress. But how exactly does completing a writing task help students learn? And do certain types of writing assignments help students learn better than others?

Writing a Compelling Teaching Statement

For Grad Students and Postdocs

Presenter: Mariatte Denman, Ph.D.

Writing effectively about your teaching is an important skill that you will need for the academic job search, grant submissions, and your future academic position. In this workshop, led by Dr. Mariatte Denman, from the VPTL, we will discuss a range of conceptual and organizational principles that will help you to organize your reflections and thoughts about teaching in order to write a compelling teaching statement. We will also analyze real examples of teaching statements. 

Preventing Sexual Assault On Campus - A Faculty Perspective

Convening faculty members from Stanford and other prominent universities across the country who have been involved in sexual assault prevention and changing campus culture, panelists will share information, strategies, and potential solutions. Our goal is to advance dialogue about sexual assault with students, staff, and faculty at Stanford and beyond. This panel will educate and empower the growing network of faculty committed to breaking the culture of sexual assault.


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