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View From The Top with Rosalind Brewer, COO of Starbucks

Join us for a fireside chat with Rosalind (Roz) Brewer, COO of Starbucks. Roz leads the company’s operating businesses across the Americas and Starbucks license stores as well as the global functions of marketing, technology, supply chain, product innovation, and store development organizations.Prior to joining Starbucks, Roz served as President and CEO of Sam’s Club, the members-only warehouse channel of Walmart, and the 8th largest U.S. retailer.

Accel Leadership Program Info Session

The Accel Leadership Program is an immersive six-month leadership program that prepares 24 technically-minded Stanford juniors, seniors, and graduate students to lead entrepreneurial ventures, with a focus on startup strategy. Each Accel Fellow will work on a team with a high growth venture CEO, to create and present a case study on a real world business problem.

Engineering for Change: Virtual Reality and Racial Equity in STEM Education

Professor Coley is a bioengineer and social justice scholar. In her work, she hopes to push the bounds of traditionally heteronormative engineering environments through transdisciplinary approaches. Intrigued by the intersections of engineering education, mental health, and social justice, Coley's primary research interest focuses on virtual reality as a tool for developing empathetic and inclusive mindsets. She is also interested in the lived experience of hidden populations in engineering education and innovations for more inclusive pedagogies. 

Wendy Hasenkamp: "The Science of Meditation: Overview of Contemplative Science"

In this talk, Dr. Hasenkamp will describe the origins of the field of contemplative science, the disciplines involved, goals, and approaches used. She will also discuss how the mindfulness movement has unfolded, then explore the critiques and debates within the field, in addition to speaking on the media hype around mindfulness and meditation. From a research perspective, she will provide an example of blending first- and third-person methodologies to reveal fluctuating brain states during attention and mind wandering. Finally, Dr.

Mental Health and Well-being in the Virtual Classroom

In this workshop, you will gain an enhanced understanding of the challenges Stanford undergraduates and graduate students are facing in terms of mental health and well-being. You'll also learn strategies to protect your and your students' well-being in the virtual classroom, check in with a student who may be struggling, and refer students to campus resources as necessary. Open to any Stanford graduate student or post-doc.


Colin Campbell, Program Manager, Health Education Well Being at Stanford, Vaden Health Center


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