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Fail early, fail often” is the motto of many inventors, educators, and scholars. Studies show that setbacks and subsequent reflection are integral parts of success. Learning from setbacks we encounter — and seeing failure as opportunity — enables us to develop the ability to adapt and endure.

Fellows Forum: Creating and Managing Your Professional Digital Presence

What is a digital presence and is it even worth the time to manage it? Do you need social media tools to tell your story? In this interactive workshop led by Sheetal Patel (BEAM, Stanford Career Education's Director of Branding and Digital Communities), you will learn how to develop your professional reputation to help you make connections by building your story and online presence.

Sheetal Patel, MA, PhD, Director of Branding and Digital Communities, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

San Francisco Stories: History of Latino San Francisco

The San Francisco Stories series continues with a spotlight on one of the city’s most vital populations. Situated on land once belonging to the Spanish Empire and Mexico, San Francisco became a polyglot boomtown during the California gold rush when fortune-seekers poured in from all points of the compass—including Chile, Peru, and other parts of Latin America. Over many generations, the city’s varied Spanish-speaking populations forged a hybrid and ever-evolving pan-Latina/o identity through interactions based on religion, neighborhood geography, business, media, and political activism.

Getting Started with Canvas for TAs

Are you new to Canvas, Stanford’s Learning Management System? Do you want to learn the Canvas essentials? In this session we’ll provide an overview of the key Canvas features for supporting communication, collaboration, and engagement in your courses. Our Stanford Canvas team will share tips and suggestions for getting up to speed quickly with Canvas and give you links to easy-to-use documentation, video tutorials, and other Stanford Canvas help resources.


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